Fabulous garlic fries

Tonight I had a hankering for garlic fries.
Unfortunately, I wasn’t near a ballpark, and I had wisely NOT stocked up on the horrible hydrogenated fat artery-clogging excuse for garlic fries sold at the local supermarket.

Instead, I decided to make my own… and man, did they turn out great! Read on for my (formerly) super-secret AdamRecipe! 🙂

I’m not even going to bother with measurements. Just put as much as you like, to taste, depending on hungry you are.

– Potato cut into wedges (frozen or fresh)
– Cajun spice OR cajun spice substitute (paprika, red pepper, salt, etc. — be creative :D)
– Garlic (ideally fresh, or worst, garlic powder)
– Healthy oil (olive or canola)
– Healthy margarine (canola or ‘smart’ type), or substitute extra oil above

1) Prepare potato. If they’re frozen and/or otherwise pre-cooked wedges, you’re all set. Otherwise, cut potato into wedges, then cook in microwave for 2 minutes.

2) Place wedges in a sealable plastic container. Lightly coat or mist wedges with oil, then add some cajun spice, and shake well.

3) Put wedges on an oven-safe tray and don’t have them touch each other. Heat for 20 minutes at 400 degrees.

4) Just before the wedges are finished cooking, make a special ‘coating’ by heating a margarine, additional cajun spice, garlic and additional oil (in the same tupperware bowl used earlier) for 20 seconds or until butter has melted. It’s important that you don’t overdo the ingredients in this step; a little goes a long way!

5) Take wedges out of oven, plop into bowl, cover, shake well to fully coat wedges, let cool a little bit, then eat!

If you want even more potent garlic-y fries, do not add garlic to the microwaved coating mixture, since this moderates the garlic potency. Instead, add garlic to the bowl after the mixture is microwaved and after wedges are added (but obviously before shaking).

* * *

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as I did! Let me know how it works out if you try it! 🙂







2 responses to “Fabulous garlic fries”

  1. Matt Hendrickson Avatar
    Matt Hendrickson

    That sounds like something I’d like to try… do you have the measurements for the ingredients? Ballpark figures will work, too!

  2. Adam Avatar

    Alas, since the ingredients are pretty much just oil and spices, it’s really a matter of taste (and a matter of how big the potato is, of course!).

    My key suggestions would be to start out with just MISTING the wedges with enough oil to have some seasoning stick to them and to avoid having them stick to the broiler pan.

    Similarly, I’d use actually just enough butter/oil in the 2nd stage coating mixture to barely cover the wedges.

    Definitely use less seasoning than you think you’ll need; cajun spices (or related compilations) are very powerful and go a long way.

    As always, it’s much easier to add additional spice afterwards than it is to wash off extra spice 😉

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