Find a cool Web site? Just Furl it!

I recently discovered the coolest site and service.

It’s called Furl (, which stands for File URL. In a nutshell, it is an excellent free resource that will help you save and full-text-find any Web page on the Net.

Basically, you painlessly install a little bookmarklet thingy (icon) on your browser and when you go to a site you want to save, you click on it. Furl then does three things:
– Shares it with others in your group, or with the public (depending on what you set — you can keep your entry private if you want!)
– Tags it with the category you chose and any comments you add.
– Stores it in your own personal archive (accessible from any browser after you log in).

But here’s the kicker: it saves the FULL TEXT of the page, and lets you search your personal archive, sort of like your own personal Google!

This is very cool for research or for play. Save articles, save joke pages, save pretty much anything you want, and Furl will remember it and find it for you as long as you can enter in at least a couple of words from the page.

Amazingly, Furl is free, and if the site ever does come to an end, you can export all your links before it goes dark.

Oh, and the guy who runs it is pretty cool; after I wrote him with some suggestions, my mail didn’t just go into a black hole like such feedback mails sadly often do. Instead, I quickly got a friendly note back, thanking me for my input, and asking for clarification on a couple of my requests.

But I’ve blathered on long enough. Go Furl! (and don’t forget to Furl this blog, darnit :D)







2 responses to “Find a cool Web site? Just Furl it!”

  1. iPowerWeb Review Avatar

    hah. While all in all it seems like an OK idea, it kinda seems like an invatation for the ‘cool owner’ to come spy on the sites I like…Granted the IE favorites aren’t searchable..but they are kinda private.

  2. TDavid Avatar

    Hmm, sort of like stumbleupon, but with search and a memory. Since I’m a toolbar whore, I will check it out.

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