How I spent New Year’s Day

Last night, I ate lots and lots of alcohol-filled chocolates, yet I wasn’t tired enough to go to bed until about 5am.

Imagine my surprise, then, when after a vivid dream I woke up and saw “7:07” on my alarm clock. Ack! It was still dark and I had apparently gotten just over two hours of sleep, yet I wasn’t tired… and now I had to use the bathroom.

After grumbling in bed for a short while, I gruntily trudged out of my room, managed my business, and then noticed my roommate laying lazily in bed, with her door dumbly open.

“Do we have any pancake mix left?” she queried. Wow, it was not even 8:00, and she was already thinking about making breakfast on her day off. Strange.

Not content to simply flop directly back into bed, I decided to check my e-mail for a moment.

WHOA! My screen was littered with instant messages, and my mailbox was full! How could this be? After all, it was only 7:28……..PM?!?!?!?!?






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