How (not) to impress a woman

Last night while out dancing I had the pleasure of meeting a particularly interesting, talented, and attractive woman. After a lengthy chat, I got up the guts to invite her out for an evening next week, and then proceeded to search through my geeky but serviceable bookbag for a pen.

Finding only a mishmash of non-pen-type things (along with, admittedly, one pen’ish but broken thing), I was about ready to take drastic measures when this woman noticed my Handspring Treo Palm phone.

“That’s a Palm Pilot, isn’t it?” she asked.

“Er, no,” I dumbly argued, “It’s actually a Handspring Treo phone but…”

“It has an addressbook, right?” she continued.

“Sure, yeah” I blathered sans clue, “and a Web browser, too, and…”

“Okay, so can’t you can put my info in there?”

It’s so embarrassing when I’ve got all that geekiness without the more-useful geek-SMARTS to go along with it!


  1. I’m usually too embarrassed to get a girl’s number via my Treo. If I have the treo, I’ll keep it hidden and use a pen! Too geeky to whip that out on a first meeting.

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