Intuition confirmed: Homophobia, SUV purchases linked to wee willies

In research that shouldn’t be a great surprise to anyone, a recent Cornell University study has shown that men who felt more insecure about their masculinity were “more likely to support the war in Iraq, more likely to oppose gay marriage and denounce gays, and more likely to express a desire to buy an SUV.” [Source: The Week magazine, August 26, 2005, page 21; see related articles]

Clearly, the converse must be true, too: we men who are gay-friendly, against the war, and unlikely to buy SUVs must have really big… uh… IQs 🙂

Interestingly, no theories were offered as to why so many women buy SUVs, but I’m guessing it’s the typically “I feel big and safe!” crap playing a role in those purchases.

With that said, sincere apologies to my friend E and others reading this who actually have purchased SUVs due to the car’s functional qualifications (e.g., people who are actually avid campers and other folks who genuinely use the carrying capacity of SUVs).

And, though it should go without saying, I hope everyone realizes that Anti-War does not (or, at least IMNSHO, SHOULD not) ever imply animosity towards the brave military men and women who serve and have served our country. They’re not the ones who got us into this mess in Iraq; the blame for that squarely rests on selfish, deluded old white men who never served and whose kids will never serve.

No apologies to anyone who is anti-gay or opposed to gay marriage, however. While we’re all entitled to our opinions, I don’t have to respect yours in this context :-).



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