More photos: From Gregarious Greeks to a Korean Combo and beyond…

I’ve had the good fortune to travel a lot over the last years (mostly for fun, not business, though that’s shifting) and also am blessed with many fun and photogenic friends.

With no further ado, here’s a sample of photos I’ve recently uploaded:

Talented Tjapukais
Presentation at the Tjapukai Aboriginal Culture Park in Australia

Watery wires
An interesting light thingy up close

Korean combo
Wow, I love Korean food!  Here's a very tasty combo meal...

Gregarious Greeks
It's greek to me

A fab flower
From the Gardens of the World

Here’s the entire list of my photo sets on Flickr.

Enjoy, and comment away! 😀



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2 responses to “More photos: From Gregarious Greeks to a Korean Combo and beyond…”

  1. Adam Avatar

    Heh!  Somehow I knew I’d hear from you, my Aussie friend 😉

    The 1,000+ photos from Australia and Singapore* are a daunting collection.  I promise to post ‘em, but am not sure when.  Feel free to keep bugging me; you’d be in fine company with Bee from Singapore 😀

  2. Adam Avatar

    P.S.—The Tjapukai Cultural Park is in Australia, so I’m getting there 😉

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