New York view

Not sure why this picture particularly resonates with me, but it does.

It was taken in October 2000 in the former Manhattan office of now-bankrupt Niehaus Ryan Wong PR.






5 responses to “New York view”

  1. alison Avatar

    The picture has good lines: the window panes, the building in the background, your friend standing before it. The lines are emphasized by the angle of the picture. That’s why I like it.

    (Because you said you’re not sure why it resonates with you.)

  2. Anonymous Avatar

    That, and those mysterious lights reflecting in the glass. Did you use a flash?

  3. Adam Avatar

    Thanks, Alison!  Your thoughts make sense.

    And anonymouse… yep, you’re right… I DID use a flash on that particular shot (and 1/400th of a second on the shutter speed).  I took almost the exact same shot without a flash, but—though it looks neat in its own right—it’s not quite as focused and (understandably) bright as the one I picked for the post.

  4. Matt Hendrickson Avatar

    That’s a nice picture, but it makes me dizzy looking at it!

  5. Harald Avatar

    Hey, my data has disappeared! Anyway, that anonymouse was me.

    More mysterious photo details; that thing you see between her legs, is that an old telephone? Why is she standing on that peace of paper? And where did that pose come from? Did she look into the camera first and then notice something to her right she wanted to see?

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