No bats in my belfry, but…

This was definitely a first! With my apartment window not even open that wide, I was startled to hear a loud combination of banging and fluttering in the living room. Not content to merely “leave their mark” all over my just-washed car, a group of pigeons apparently conspired to send one of their feathered friends on a mission to discover even more exciting poop-worthy options… inside my apartment

Though my first instinct was to stretch my culinary skills and see if pigeons really DO taste like chicken, I realized that I’d be harming the resource pool of one of my favorite companies if I did so.

Therefore, I merely shooed the interloper out of my living space, but of course not before taking a picture 🙂


  1. Uh oh!  You weren’t kidding!

    No eggs, but when I looked out onto the overhang of my apartment, it’s litered with pigeon-waste… and, more alarmingly, there are two baby pigeons squished in the corner underneath a chair!  Oh dear… not quite sure what to do now :(.  I’d sweep up the whole mess, but as much as I hate pigeons, I can’t see killing baby ones 😐

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