Nope, it’s not a joke — this watch is for real!


Would you wear a watch that has that written on its face (yes, in ALL CAPS, too). Would you pay hundreds (perhaps thousands) of dollars for the “privilege”? Just who would buy this seems-like-a-parody Rolex watch anyway?

I think I know. And I think I have a way to profit from them.

You see, sometimes the sort of people who’d buy this sort of stupid overblown status item (we’ll call them “idiots”) don’t feel like wearing a watch, but still feel the necessity to proclaim to the world that they’re rich and stupid.

Therefore, I’ve developed the perfect solution.
It’s a waterproof forehead sticker that proudly proclaims: “I’m Rich and Stupid.”

I figure, due to the convenience factor, I could probably even sell it for $500 more than the Rolex watch I’ve described above. What do you think?

What do you think?

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