Okay, I’ve finally lost it

I decided to add myself to the “Am I Hot or Not?” site, as seen here.

I have no idea what possessed me. Go inflate my score anyway 😀






4 responses to “Okay, I’ve finally lost it”

  1. Harald Avatar

    Nice picture, but what’s that orange thing in your hands? Some kind of subliminal message to the unsuspecting surfer-by?

  2. Adam Avatar

    You know, a friend of mine took that pic of me, and I rather liked it… so I actually put it on my (personal) business card.

    And, as I should have realized, “What is that ball thing you’re holding?” is always the first question.

    I could introduce myself as “Hi, babe, I’m Adam Lasnik III, and I own 4,000 acres of land in the Bahamas, plus several custom-made lamborginis, and I can bench press 713 pounds while reciting Shakespeare.”

    And I have no doubt I’d still get “What the heck is that ball thing you’re holding?”

    It’s hopeless.

    Oh, and for the record… it was a nerf (styrofoam) ball that someone happened to be throwing around the office.  I just thought it felt nice and squishy and looked cool.


  3. Harald Avatar


    It’s functional. It’s a way to get noticed. You’re the guy with the ball. People will remember you.

  4. little mithi Avatar
    little mithi

    dunno about the ball but the background is giving me vertigo … uuuu … head spinning … gotta go have a lie down … [now if you see women falling over backwards when they see that photo – you’ll know why!] 😉

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