1. Nice picture, but what’s that orange thing in your hands? Some kind of subliminal message to the unsuspecting surfer-by?

  2. You know, a friend of mine took that pic of me, and I rather liked it… so I actually put it on my (personal) business card.

    And, as I should have realized, “What is that ball thing you’re holding?” is always the first question.

    I could introduce myself as “Hi, babe, I’m Adam Lasnik III, and I own 4,000 acres of land in the Bahamas, plus several custom-made lamborginis, and I can bench press 713 pounds while reciting Shakespeare.”

    And I have no doubt I’d still get “What the heck is that ball thing you’re holding?”

    It’s hopeless.

    Oh, and for the record… it was a nerf (styrofoam) ball that someone happened to be throwing around the office.  I just thought it felt nice and squishy and looked cool.


  3. Oops.

    It’s functional. It’s a way to get noticed. You’re the guy with the ball. People will remember you.

  4. dunno about the ball but the background is giving me vertigo … uuuu … head spinning … gotta go have a lie down … [now if you see women falling over backwards when they see that photo – you’ll know why!] 😉

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