Update on blog’n’site changes

This past last weekend, I spent over 20 hours learning CSS and XHTML and stuff like that, and have finally made a prototype new template for my Web site. Woo hoo!

I will also likely switch this blog over to that format, too, with the blog content in the middle (duh!), the blog ‘controls’ on the right, and the main SmileZone menu on the left. In case you were dying to know 😀

There’ll be several major benefits:
– Readers to my blog can “meet” the rest of my site and visa versa
– My blog will be readable by those with disabilities (yes, the tiny font will finally be user-configurable!)
– I’ll slowly integrate quotes and aspects from my blog content and blog comments into the rest of my site.

I welcome any comments on my early prototype, and thank you for reading 🙂

UPDATE: I forgot to mention that I was up ’til 7:30 am last “night” working on that darn template, and I’m now typing to you on 4 hours of sleep. At 12:24am now, why the heck am I here and not in bed?

Good question.






What do you think?