Pagination… oh boy oh boy! 😀

This blog is now paginated! In non-geekspeak, that means that from the front page or any category page, you can ‘go back’ in time by following links to page 2, 3, etc., until you reach the last entry in that section!

I know this may seem like a ‘duh’ kind of thing, but in the world of blogs, it’s surprisingly revolutionary!

You’ll see the new ‘navigation’ system on the top and bottom of all blog pages. Let me know what you think (about this or anything else BLADAMwise!)

Oh, and I added a goofy-fun “Who said this?” feature on the right-hand side. Scroll down 🙂







3 responses to “Pagination… oh boy oh boy! :D”

  1. Matt Hendrickson Avatar
    Matt Hendrickson

    Congratulations on the pagnation. By the way, the site is REALLY looking nice, especially since there is a lot more uniformity. NOW GET SOME SLEEP!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Anita Rowland Avatar

    who said what? All I’m seeing (on IE 5.5, win2k) is empty quotes.

  3. Adam Avatar

    Clearly it’s featuring quotes from very humble and quiet people 😀

    Okay, hmm… seriously… it’s showing up fine on my end on IE 6.0 and also Netscape 7.0 on my Win XP box.  Perhaps you have javascript disabled?  Hmm 😐

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