Pink, Plastic, and Pissed off

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Barbie’s not happy. Or at least her ‘parent’ company, Mattel, has not taken kindly to Aqua — the singing group that penned the infectious and goofy “Barbie Girl” parody song.

Mattel’s lawsuit against Aqua recently made it all the way to the Supreme Court, and the judge there had some sage wisdom to offer:

“The parties are advised to chill,” Judge Alex Kozinski colloquially noted.

Beyond Kozinski’s trademark playful commentary, the ruling (from what little I’ve been able to discover about it so far) offers an interesting and somewhat contrary glimpse of goliath megacorps that are so often bullying the Davids of the world.

And — don’t hate me — I still find the song pretty damn catchy 🙂

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  • Matt Hendrickson Jan 31, 2003 Link Reply

    So… does this mean if I call Mickey Mouse the spawn of Satan, I can get sued?

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