Reflections on the New Year

I had just gotten back from a party.  Quite a fun one at that, with warm friends, delicious chips and true cake, even balconies.

But still, something wasn’t right.  The New Year had come, but contrary to my hopes, I still lacked certainty, focus, clarity.

Luckily, however, I was prepared.  I know not everything can be bought, but in the supermarket the day before, I had come across an intriguing item.

Clarifying shampoo!

Applied to the head, I reasoned, this was bound to help… and at least unlikely to dull anything.

I lathered, rinsed, even repeated.  But seemingly to no avail.

Then it hit me.  Maybe I had to sleep on it!

Alas, nothing was clarified, though I concede some additional fogginess might have resulted from the non-soapy ingestions the night before.

But of course… how could I forget?!  Clarifying my life and goals wouldn’t happen overnight.  From countless sources, I had learned that this sort of thing takes thyme!

Alas, I couldn’t find thyme.  It seemed I had so little thyme in my life, and certainly never enough thyme to share.

So for this year, I resolve to try a clean, new recipe for life.  I’ve come to grips that clarity doesn’t come in a bottle, and thyme must be cultivated, not just found.

My resolution, however, will remain at 1920×1200.






2 responses to “Reflections on the New Year”

  1. nicefishfilms Avatar

    Keep that picture wide! 

  2. Jerry Avatar

    Lettuce sea.  If you knead help, why knot pull out your breadmaker and you’ll have plenty of dough. Rosemary might have the thyme to assist you, if you callonder early. If none of that works, try the rejuvenating shampoo with the revitalizing conditioner. 

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