Segway diary’s interesting, informative

Here is some interesting commentary from a guy who’s owned and regularly used a Segway Human Transporter for 90 days.

He makes some rather thoughtful and compelling arguments for how the Segway has complemented other forms of transportation for him and his family, explaining why it’s neither better than nor a full replacement for biking or walking.

Would I pay $4950 for this thing (assuming I even had that much available cash currently)? Well, though there are obviously many variables to consider, like commute length to work, area climate, and so on, from my personal perspective it’d probably not be high on my rational priority list.

That said, though, it would certainly rank well towards the top of any Dear Santa list. From all accounts I’ve read, the Segway is a sheer joy to ride, and given my frequent 5-10 mile trips around San Francisco, I’m sure it’d come in handy!

Though wait a minute… I think SF has banned the Segway on sidewalks around here. Bummer 🙁






What do you think?