Lemur in Stockholm, Sweden

I took this photo in the summer of 2001 during my stay in Stockholm, Sweden. This particular lemur was literally just a few inches from me, and amusingly seemed not to mind the attention and the Olympus 3030z camera pointed at his face.






3 responses to “Lemur in Stockholm, Sweden”

  1. Carol Avatar

    Hmph.  That looks mighty close to being a cat picture. LOL.

    Nice blog!


  2. Adam Avatar

    Heh heh, too true, Carol!

    And to let others in on the joke… I have put text links on some other sites, and one of the taglines reads: “No cat pictures, I promise!”

    Whoops! 😀

  3. ariel weatherman Avatar
    ariel weatherman

    I would like some books and stuff from sweden to do my school report. it would be nice to send it free!                   Thanks,

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