Smartly making fun of Dumb Security

This competition by Privacy International, though no doubt a bit PR-ishly self-serving, definitely resonates with me.

All of us can certainly recall and lament laughable “security” measures undertaken, especially after 9/11. But our individual experiences are but fragments in a larger and, frankly, rather disconcerting picture.

From Privacy International’s “Stupid Security” page:

We’ve all been there. Standing for ages in a security line at an inconsequential office building only to be given a security pass that a high school student could have faked. Or being forced to take off our shoes at an airport that can’t even screen its luggage.

If you thought the accounting profession was bad news, just wait till you hear how stupid the security industry has become. Even before 9/11 a whole army of bumbling amateurs has taken it upon themselves to figure out pointless, annoying, intrusive, illusory and just plain stupid measures to “protect” our security.

About all I can say to that is… amen!






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