Women blogging, women in journalism

In the comments of this post on Geekdom, Jennifer raised the interesting point about the prevalence of females in the blogging world.

I HAVE noticed that there are many women bloggers, and I’m wondering if this has anything to do with the presence or lack thereof of women in ‘real’ journalism.

What do you think about blogging and gender? And do you think there is a correlation between this issue and paper-based journalism?

Oh, and why do women bloggers seem to get so many more comments than male bloggers? Not that I’m sore about that or anything… 😀



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2 responses to “Women blogging, women in journalism”

  1. dave Avatar

    The answer to the last question seems obvious – more male ‘net surfers than female.

  2. Adam Lasnik Avatar

    Is that really still true, Dave?

    My understanding was that the gender divide has pretty much been bridged, at least here in America.  In fact, from what I remember reading, women have even caught up with men in terms of frequency (though not yet dollar amounts) of online purchases as well.

    Perhaps there’s something more complex at work… with women feeling more comfortable about sharing their feelings (journaling) online, and men for whatever reason just being more prolific about responding.

    Then again, it could be just the guys-pursue-girls-more-than-visa-versa thing, just like in real life 😀

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