Social Networking Services — Excellent recommendations

Christopher Allen gets it right. Rather than simply noting what orkut and other social networking services are doing wrong (which has been hammered by so many others), Christopher details what social networking services should do to succeed.

And rather than blather on about how much I agree with his points, I think I’ll just invite you to read his entry yourself 🙂



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2 responses to “Social Networking Services — Excellent recommendations”

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    I tryed to use Orkut social neworking site but it looks like you need invite or something like that as i was not able to sign up.
    Just curious if it will be as good as i haven’t found a better online community then them people are super nice and very active as they get points for there activity and has more features like take and make polls and quizzes people actually answer everyones blogs just hope it stays better then myspace.

  2. Social Networking Avatar

    Social Networking sites will have a place as long as the internet has palace in society. People will always use social networking tools to find new friends keep in touch with current friends and express themselves. That is why we created a new Social Networking website This Social Networking sites is for 18+ only Social Networking website.

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