The answer to life is no longer 42

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I now understand that the meaning of life is goverened not by evolution, nor by the number 42, but rather by the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

Also, I’ve come to realize that steadfastly believing in the THEORY of gravity is very foolhardy. I overlooked Intelligent Falling!

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  • Hilarious 😀

  • wolfgang May 27, 2006 Link Reply

    Wrong! 42 is still the answer … 😎

  • James Apr 23, 2008 Link Reply

    I feel the best answer of life could be “143”

  • ssj1-goku May 29, 2008 Link Reply

    Blah it is 1337 coz life’s so leet XD

  • Jono Nov 20, 2008 Link Reply

    No, the answer to the question “is this statement correct?” is still 42!

  • Juno Macguff Nov 28, 2008 Link Reply

    🙁 i hate the hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy.

    A LOT

  • Adam Nov 28, 2008 Link Reply

    Sounds like someone forgot his towel 😉

  • some guy Jan 3, 2009 Link Reply

    uhhh, the hitch hikers guide says what do you get if you multiply 6 by 9……..that isnt 42.

  • meowbaby Feb 9, 2009 Link Reply

    Hitchhikers Guide is the NUTS!!
    and 42 IS the anwser!

  • sarai Mar 29, 2009 Link Reply

    42 is the answer to life &_&

    says me:roll:

  • Zero Apr 23, 2009 Link Reply

    if you ask me you are all wrong the answer to life is totally 47 thats right 42 is just rediculus 47 totally makes so much more sence then 42

  • bob May 10, 2009 Link Reply

    ;-P bladercus

  • bob May 10, 2009 Link Reply

    😎 42 rocks

  • Gavin Sep 2, 2009 Link Reply

    No way the answer to life is 8008 xD

  • ur mom Feb 24, 2010 Link Reply

    the answer to life is 42. it will always be 42.

  • Ford Prefect May 11, 2010 Link Reply

    First things first, DON’T PANIC.

    That answer is 42. If you don’t believe me, ask the mice.

    p.s. Keep a watchful eye on the dolphins.

  • MadAsAChristian Jun 16, 2010 Link Reply

    no. The answer to life is ……………………………………… God. No flying spaggheti monster, no 42, no not even that dog crap on the bottom of your left shoe. Naope. It is Jesus Christ.He is risen.

  • ThatAdamGuy Jun 16, 2010 Link Reply

    This weekend I’m hoping to get out my breadmaker, and then my bread will have risen. I’m hoping that it’ll go great with the spaghetti monster and a bit of fresh garlic.

  • Dewmini Gamlath Jun 25, 2010 Link Reply

    it’s in base 13, man… 6*9 (base 10) =42 (base 13)

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