The RIGHT way to AUTHOR privacy policies

You’d think that companies would “get it” by now. Most don’t.

Privacy policies aren’t rocket-science, but they’re absolutely critical to the long-term success of a company. Without earned trust and strong communications, firms have little hope of surviving, and thank goodness!

So without further ado, here is my free advice to companies wanting to create or update a privacy policy:

A privacy policy must do all of the following:
INFORM: Let visitors know, in accessible language, how the site collects and manages data acquired
REASSURE: Offer confident and truthful promises about the safeguarding and respect of this data
PERSUADE: Successfully invite visitors to fully utilize the site’s functions, and to provide honest data and feedback without fear
PROTECT: Guard the company itself against basic legal or public relations challenges that may arise from improper or incomplete disclosures

Ideally, every company should offer both a comprehensive privacy policy (though preferably not in ‘legalese’ — whip those lawyers into speaking English, please) and also a concise one paragraph summary of what they will and won’t do with their customers’ data.

And then — though I shouldn’t have to say this — they need stick by their promises… and they’ll then be rewarded with greater loyalty and fewer lawsuits 🙂



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