Today I have rediscovered my music.

Once upon a time, I wrote a lot of music.

It is time for me to start composing again, but the first task, I figure, is rediscovering some of my long, mostly-lost past.

And — for whatever reason — I’ve decided to drag you with me. Perhaps akin to an actor thinking that people care about his or her political views, you can classify me as a blogger who thinks people care about his music. So be it.

But no matter. Here is a sampling of my music compositions and performances. The original copies of all of these recordings have long since been accidentally erased or damaged, unfortunately, and I don’t have any copies of my hundreds of classical and jazz piano performances. Maybe someday.

Anyway, feel free to drop a comment here or contact me privately to share which tidbits you particularly enjoy and would like to see me expand upon.

Thanks for listening 🙂







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