Traveling and angst

I just got back from a 5 week vacation, and 4 days later, I’m still feeling jet-lagged, at least emotionally jet-lagged. And I’m asking myself many questions:

  • Am I capable of taking a vacation that’s not an ‘adventure’… a week or more when I’m just sitting by the seaside sipping a drink, sans schedule, without worries about monetary conversions, train schedules, walking tours, and so on? And if so, when?
  • Is this the last 5 week vacation I’ll have before I’m retired? If not, what kind of job am I gonna be able to find that’ll let me take such an extended time off?
  • Why do I feel so unmotivated and unrefreshed now?
  • Am I ever going to feel at “home” in America, or I will continue to have nagging suspicions that I may be happier in some other country?

Of a more urgent nature, though, I suppose I ought to clean my room, find a job, and basically get around to handling the 1,318 tasks on my burgeoning to-do list, 98% of which are holdovers from before I began planning my big vacation.








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