Very fun lindy hop (swing dancing) clips from Australia

We all know that water drains in the opposite direction down under in Australia, but their lindy hop (swing dancing) is anything but backwards.

Check out the clip below—including teens and senior citizens—for some crazy fast footwork and awesome on-the-fly (no pun intended) fun moves.

Incidentally, Google Video now lets you rate, tag, and comment on videos.  Nice!

And hey, interested in seeing some other fun clips and learning a bit more about this lindy hop thing?

Some great info resources

The wikipedia entry on lindy hop.
The world’s biggest swing dance forum, Yehoodi.
– More Lindy Hop videos on Google Video and You Tube.
My humble Lindy Hop Whiteboard Supreme (wiki).

And some other fun video clips I just uploaded

Remember, none of this is rehearsed or pre-choreographed… it’s all spontaneously danced with input from the music and each others’ partner!
1) Playful style!
2) Ooooo bluesy!
3) More bluesy fun
4) Another entertaining group
5) Noni and partner have fun showing off 😀

About these clips

They were filmed with my old Canon SD550, with me (sadly) sitting in the back row of a big theatre.  That explains some of the shakiness and graininess… but still, not bad for a little pocket camera AND a guy who just flew across the world a few hours prior to the show 😉

As always, your comments are welcome!

Do you have any questions about lindy hop?
What did you think of these clips? 😀







2 responses to “Very fun lindy hop (swing dancing) clips from Australia”

  1. freelancechic Avatar

    😛 can anyone tell me the difference between lindyhop and swing dance pls?

  2. Penguin Avatar

    Lindy Hop (a dance originating in the 1920’s in Harlem and generally danced to swing jazz) is a type of swing dance.

    Other popular dances that are given the swing moniker include:

    East Coast Swing
    West Coast Swing

    Other dances that could fall under the umbrella (whether they are swing or not is a matter of debate) are Rock n’ Roll (very popular in Australia, particularly amoungst older dancers) and Blues Dancing (an often slow highly improvised and very sensual dance, which is very popular amoungst lindy hoppers).

What do you think?