Super-speedy-search tip for Firefoxers! (search keywords)

I love  It’s one of the most useful and addictive movie sites I’ve found, right along with  Now I can look up movies on either database in a snap by using a surprisingly little-known Firefox feature that lets you assign a keyword of your choice to any search on any site.

I’ve set up my browser so that I can type “rt [moviename]” or “imdb [moviename]” in my Firefox addressbar and be whisked right to that movie’s page in RottenTomatoes or IMDB respectively.

It’s easy to do!  Just go to your favorite site (movie or otherwise) in Firefox and right-click on a search bar on the page (e.g., where you’d normally enter in a movie to look up) and then select “Add a Keyword for this Search.”  You’ll then see something like this:

Enter in any title you want in the first box (that’s what’ll show up in your bookmarks), choose a short but easy to remember keyword, and the URL should be filled in automatically for you.

From then on, you can enter in stuff like “rt an inconvenient truth” (great movie, btw!) directly into your Firefox addressbar and save yourself the hassle of navigating to the RT homepage, then finding the search box, etc.

* * *

But what if you’d like to make use of such a handy feature at home and work (or on your personal desktop and laptop) and don’t want to set up such shortcuts multiple times?

Google Browser Sync to the rescue! (insert standard disclaimer here… I work for Google, I don’t work on this particular product, I’m not paid to write this, yadda yadda yadda). It’s a super-nifty way of having your bookmarks, cookies, and other stuff (you choose!) automatically synchronized across all your computers. And yes, privacy-keen geeks, you can opt to have all of this stuff encrypted, too :-D. The downside: This extension causes my Firefox to load more slowly (sometimes taking 10-15 seconds), but I’m guessing that’s because I have a crapload of settings, extensions, bookmarks, etc. It’s still well worth the initial load-wait for me.

* * *

Anyway, I hope you find these tips helpful, and feel free to share any of your own Firefox tips below! 😀


  1. Adam,

    I have about a dozen of those set up! If you want to add a few more and need quick reference to the search URLs needed (for Yahoo, MSN, G, Technorati (blog and tag search), G/Y/M News, G/Y blog search), check here and here.


  2. Grrrr, Adam! You’ve just pulled me out of almost a years peace of mind (well – almost) with Opera 😀 During that period I frequently installed the latest Firefox to see if customized searches had been implemented – and always concluded that this was not the case! I knew about a couple of related extension – but I didn’t like them much.

    My single major reason for not switching is now gone…Since I am a huge fan of Google Reader – and GR apparently works much better in Firefox – I’ll switch for a while and see what happens.

    I’ll be back!


  3. Hey Jannik,

    I’ve been honestly surprised at how few people (even fellow geeks!) knew about this feature of Firefox.

    And glad you like Google Reader; nice folks on that team that are very passionate about blogging and feed stuff.

    Anyway, hope the Firefox transition goes well.  Check out the various cool extensions (Google and otherwise) but do add ‘em slowly one at a time, so if there are conflicts, you don’t have to gnash your teeth/fingers and try to figure out which extension doesn’t like the other one.

  4. I have been using firefox for a while now, but only use some popular SEO plugins. I never know firefax has such nice feature! It seems that I should spend more time to learn other great firefox plugins.

  5. I like StartAid ( it allows you have your bookmarks online – so if you travel- you can access the same bookamrks – also helpful accross PC and laptop! 😛

  6. Hello Adam,
    Thanks for your great writing . I love to use firefox rate other browser for powerful plugins availability. I am using different web development related plugins to my Firefox browser. However, it is getting slower to slower , if i use 3 or 4 plugins at a time. Is there any way or script to prevent this issues?

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