“Would you like to SuperSize that, sir?”

Credit: https://www.hwsw.hu/hirek/16641/a-western-digital-piacra-dobta-a-200-gb-os--quot-drivezilla-quot--winchestert.html

“Drivezilla” breathes fire at 200GB. Drive maker Western Digital
begins shipping a new drive with up to 200GB of capacity–a whopping 80GB more
than found in most high-end consumer PCs.

200 GIGABYTES!  200,000 megabytes.  As Keanu would say: WHOOOA.

And how the HECK do you back something like that up?  Buy a 210 gig drive?
Whew!  Either way, that’s a lot of MP3’s porn scholarly reports!

What do you think?

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