[Blippet] The Case of the Changed Chairs

I work in a small office with three other Googlers.  That’s pretty typical around here; I don’t know of a single person that has their own office, though we’re always free to roam to a quieter place with our laptops and ubiquitous wireless access.

It’s also a delightfully multicultural office:
– One Croatian fellow.
– One Chinese guy.
– A Bulgarian guy.
– And me, the boring American.

We often will break up the day with little chats about cultural issues… food, linguistic confusion, traditions, etc.  Today, though, our heads-down work was interrupted when P came in, sat down, and looked a bit concerned.

P:  Something is wrong with my chair.
P:  Did someone change it?  Something’s off.
Y: [taking notice]  Hmm… my chair’s kind of funny today, too.  Maybe someone took both our chairs?
P:  It’s too low.  This is strange. [pauses, looks out the door of the office, as if to catch the chair thief / chair transmogrifier]
Y:  Mine’s kinda high.  Doesn’t feel right.
Me: [finally paying attention] Um, guys.  Maybe you just got each other’s chair?
[P looks at Y.  Y looks at P.  They swap chairs.]
[contented brief silence]
Y: Ah, mine’s the black one.  That’s right!
P: Yeah, that’s better!
[shaking head]







6 responses to “[Blippet] The Case of the Changed Chairs”

  1. Simon Heseltine Avatar

    See what happens when they relax the hiring standards.  ;-P

  2. Zack Avatar

    You could be the supportive co-worker type and label their chairs with a large note, taped on really good so it doesn’t fall off.

  3. Adam Avatar

    Heh, Simon!  And Zack… either that, or just bungee-cord each chair to a leg on its corresponding desk. 😀

  4. Corvida Avatar

    I’d go with the labels lol. That’s still pretty funny though.

    I just wanted to let you know that Mosoto no longer requires an invite. Just head over to Mosoto.com and as long as you have a facebook account you should be good to go.

  5. Mitzi the cat Avatar
    Mitzi the cat

    Similar things happen to Meg in her lab.  People don’t usually mistakenly take her chair.  It’s claimed by her sweatshirt and lots of my fur, even when she isn’t there.  However, the goofy German (not to be confused with the cute German) and his daughter like to threaten Meg’s chair with practical jokes.  They’ve already changed the height and angle a few times and are currently plotting to either shellac it or glue the casters in place.

  6. James Avatar

    Pretty funny stuff.
    Through facebook you could proceed.

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