Construction… eeek!

Sorry for any confusion… messing with blog templates this (late) evening… check back tomorrow, please 🙂 UPDATE at 6:57am: Now it *IS* tomorrow, and I think I have most everything taken care of. A little ‘comments list’ weirdness on some pages, but overall, I think everything is working decently. HOWEVER, please do take just a… Continue reading Construction… eeek!

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I just finished hand-importing all my old entries from my Salon / Radio blog, may it rest in peace. For those who care why I switched, read on… I still do highly recommend the Salon / Radio route for anyone who’d like to get a blog up and running pretty easily with minimal fuss and… Continue reading Whew!

An ugly prodigy

The MovableType software which powers this blog is geeky in the most stereotypically geek sense. Brilliant. Different. And fugly. While the control panel is reasonably elegant… Lord, couldn’t the brilliant authors of this software have come up with (or bribed others to come up with) some decent looking style templates? 🙂 And I don’t wanna… Continue reading An ugly prodigy