Sinful thoughts

A wise old nun was once asked, “Do you ever entertain sinful thoughts?” “No,” she replied, “they entertain me.”

Truth in HR advertising?

Topica offers our employees GENEROUS benefits. Medical/Dental/Vision, Life Insurance, Long-term Disability, 401(k), Employee Stock Purchase Plan, Salary + commission commiserate to experience. For some reason, I’m just not all that eager to apply here.

Friends don’t let Friends AOL

AOL continues to send its users onto the increasingly speedy information superhighway in brightly colored, beeping golf carts.– one of my favorite quotes from “Here Comes Version 8.0” in this Fortune magazine article online Heh heh… not much more I need to add to that 🙂

Titilating Puritanism and Asses of Evil

While I guess this isn’t breaking news at this point, I just heard that the winner of the Miss N. Carolina pageant resigned after “her former boyfriend had contacted the Miss America organization, saying he had nude photos of her” unbenownst to her when she was changing clothes. Lordy, and to think that this woman… Continue reading Titilating Puritanism and Asses of Evil

Hard technical support

In a usergroup dedicated to troubleshooting of a particular software app, one frustrated user posted a note titled, “Can’t get it up on a Mac!” The immediate reply, I felt, was on target and priceless: “Red wine and a Barry White album might do the trick.”

Immidiate Embarrassment

IMMIDIATE JOB POSTING […] Miraloma Educational Enrichment Program […]– from a recent post on a San Francisco community board

A new type of mad cow

Cow statue with Adam (left and right respectively) in London, EnglandAll the way from Chicago to London! And yes, there’s a non-Brit mad cow admirer on the right. Wonder who it could be?

Those wacky French!

Green sign with weird blocky animated character running in the direction of an arrow

Okay, just to provide a minor amount of amusement for those folks who’ve scarily stumbled upon my oh-boy-is-this-under-construction Web log, I submit for your viewing pleasure this strange-but-true photo taken in Strasbourg, France last year. Bonus points to those who know what it is. Extra special bonus points to those who have no frigging idea… Continue reading Those wacky French!