‘Cooking’ with Cans: Crispy-Spicy Tuna Salad

Too lazy to cook, too cheap to go out or order in, and out of frozen dinners… I came up with an ingenious, tasty, healthy, and inexpensive dinner tonight.

– One packet of albacore tuna
– One hardboiled egg (I recommend making these in batches ahead of time!)
– Two tablespoons of any low-fat ranch-type dressing
– Coursely ground pepper
– Dehydrated onion flakes
– Canned corn
– Crackers (I chose a delicious WASA-brand crisp-bread type)

– Put everything in a bowl except the crackers.
– Mash well.
– Spoon concoction onto crackers, or munch on crackers separately.

Time to prepare:
About 3-4 minutes, tops.

One hungry person, or easily 2-4 people if used as an appetizer.

I used to hate tuna when I was a kid, but this… this tastes good! And from what I can gather, it’s pretty healthy, too. Protein from the egg and tuna, good oil and vitamins from the tuna, much fat and many calories saved by substituting the low-fat ranch dressing for the mayonnaise, and at least a serving or two of vegetables from the corn. Plus the dehydrated onions give it a flavorful and crispy punch.

Downed with a glass of milk… well, then you’re dealin’ with the meat, veggie/fruit, and dairy categories of the food pyramid. And pretty affordably, too!







7 responses to “‘Cooking’ with Cans: Crispy-Spicy Tuna Salad”

  1. Anita Rowland Avatar

    If you like celery in tuna salad, adding celery seed is a nice touch (not as much fiber, but it won’t go bad on you like celery does). I also like my tuna fish on crackers.

  2. Adam Avatar

    Is it just me, or is this spam just sort of… surreal?

  3. Urvesh Patel Avatar

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  4. Adam Avatar

    What the heck!  I had no idea there was such a market for dehydrated onions!

    I bet there are various perverted uses for dehydrated onions, too, and it’s so tempting to sign up the above spammers for a plethora of, ahem, interesting onion-fetish mailing lists.

    But that would be wrong.  So I’d never encourage it.  Not in a million years 😉


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  6. jak Avatar

    great recipe, thanks for sharing

  7. Scott Avatar

    I just found this while researching a post for recipes by people in the search industry – Nice idea on the corn, Adam, and the dehydratedonionspam is hillarious 😉 I’m hungry now…

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