Dear Aussie: Shrimps on the barbie, but no (visible) alligator juice

I’ve traveled all over Europe and even lived in Germany for a year, and I’m embarrassed about my lack of observation on one particular issue: Are people in Europe legally allowed to bring alcoholic beverages into public parks and beaches and the like?

I seem to recall that the answer is yes, and indeed, I know it was pretty common when I was recently in Sweden, but I’m not sure about Europe overall. Anyone know (from either legal and/or practical perspectives)?

Oh, and in case you’re curious… this issue worked its way into my head after a friend of mine from Australia queried a public online list asking if it was okay if she brings beer or wine to an upcoming picnic in Golden Gate Park. The swift reply, by the way, was legally, no, but practically, yes… as long as it’s concealed in a flask of some sort.







What do you think?