Delicious (or at least not-so-bad-for-you) and nutritious food and drink

One of the best ways to maintain good health is to keep a ready supply of ‘non-evil’ foods in the house. And while carrot sticks and prunes would qualify as quite healthy snacks, they fail my “food happiness” test.

So, without further ado, here is a list of some (not necessarily obvious) foods that I happen to actually enjoy AND feel pretty un-guilty about eating. Hopefully you’ll gain some inspiration from my choices and perhaps even share a find or two of your own!

1) Green, Red, and White teas
Scientists have discovered evidence (ranging from mild to strong) that suggests teas with antioxidants can boost our immune system and generally improve our overall health. And though I suppose tea is an acquired taste, I’ve grown to really savor my afternoon cup of green, red, or white tea, which I view as crisp, flavorful, and relaxing respectively. Since both the green and white teas contain caffeine, they also give me a small pick-me-up that’s a nice compromise between the dull’ishness of NO caffeine and the jitters from a strong cuppa joe.

2) Trader Joe’s Lemon Sorbet
Quite tart yet still sweet, and with truly only natural ingredients (sugar, lemon, water, and pectin), just a couple of teaspoons of this sorbet satisfies my sweet cravings.

3) Ghiradelli chocolate mocha powder
With just a 60-second prep time in the microwave, this lucious concoction stands out for several reasons:
– It’s the best (store-bought) hot cocoa I’ve tasted.
– It doesn’t have evil ingredients.
– Chocolate + coffee = nice mood lift.
– Hot chocolate provides, apparently, even more antioxidants than a glass of red wine.
– With the non-fat milk, I’m getting some calcium and other good nutrients.

4) Ak-Mak crackers
These savory whole-wheat sesame crackers are just great… with a smidgen of peanut-butter and honey, a dab of cheese, or even just plain. They’re also great crumbled in chili! Low in sugar and sodium, they also have a decent amount of fiber, too… and no unpronounceable ingredients, either! Oh, and they’re just 99 cents for a box at Trader Joe’s. Truly a wonder all-’round! 🙂

5) Trader Joe’s [can you tell I love this store!] Flax tortilla chips
More flavorful than regular corn chips AND with a wallop of fiber and protein, these chips really satisfy… and provide healthy flax oil to boot. Truly fab as nachos (top with light cheese, lots of pico de gallo or fresh organic salsa and a smidgen of fresh-sliced avocado) or even plain along with a good ol’ pb&j sandwich on whole-wheat bread.

Okay, I think that’s enough for now, though I’m sure I’ll think of other winning food and drink later.

Aside from the obvious fruits and veggies, what are some snacks that you enjoy that are both reasonably healthy and yummy?







What do you think?