Don’t Download This Song! (listen to another gem by Weird Al Yankovic)

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Unless you’re a fan of the RIAA or a bitter, clueless artist… I urge you to run, er, click, not walk to go hear Weird Al’s new ditty: “Don’t Download This Song.” [warning: music autoplays].

I’m looking forward to the music video promised for this evening, but in the meantime, you can hear the song in its entirety (and, of course, download it!).

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  • Lance Mar 3, 2008

    Nice post,
    I really liked it too much.

  • James Mar 28, 2008

    Thanks for the links. I really love music.

  • Online Shopping May 27, 2008

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    Thanks for the link Adam, you gave a nice link.

  • Yogesh Jul 30, 2008

    I am crazy for song. thanks

  • Kids Oct 14, 2008

    i am big fan of this son

  • emall direct Oct 14, 2008

    I am like to do anything for this song

  • platt collections Oct 14, 2008

    can i copy this song, someone provide me source

  • faboccasion Jan 8, 2009

    how i download this song

  • akshar event Jan 8, 2009

    very nice song, thanks

  • akshar tours Jan 8, 2009

    this is really exceptional songs from others

  • Hotel Jan 20, 2009

    its nice song, how i get this

  • mmo Feb 10, 2009

    Weir Al has done it yet again. Brilliant!

  • jagtap infotech Feb 19, 2009

    u have spread the magic

  • stock linc Feb 19, 2009

    u r really amazing…this song is near to my heart.

  • lezyne Apr 16, 2009

    i am crazy for this video. thanks for sharing link

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