Once again, attending a camp for swingers

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Tomorrow night I’m heading off on a plane to once again attend a camp for swingers.  As you can imagine, posting on my blog and sorting through my t-shirt drawers will be far from my mind. 😉

Take THAT, Lisa Barrone 😛

Anyway… if you’re interested in all the details (including lots of photos!), visit Swing Out New Hampshire’s Web site.

See y’all in a week or two 😀

[Added to reduce chances of some folks having a heart attack:  It’s a swing DANCE camp, people.  Lindy Hop.  Jazz music.  Sheesh… such dirty minds ;-)]

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  • Spamhuntress Aug 31, 2006 Link Reply

    Heh, like you didn’t intend for people to have a heart attack, eh? That post was a double entendre if I’ve ever seen one. And it looked fishy from the get go. No way a Google employee would write that post unless there was a joke embedded in it…

  • Hawaii SEO Sep 2, 2006 Link Reply

    Too funny! It’s a good thing you added the part about “Dancing”. I followed the link to the Camp for swingers and started laughing out loud. My eyes were watering after reading all that stuff about swaping partners, heavy breathing and guys doing it with guys, etc.

  • James Mar 28, 2008 Link Reply

    Nice and Funny,
    Great links you have suggested.

  • Wow, that camp site is very beautiful. I’m jealous, I don’t have any areas that pretty around here. Lindy hop sounds fun too.

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