Down on your lock? Put on a happy face!

If you go to a MegaGym like I do with Megasized Locker rooms and you’ve ever been MegaFrustrated trying to find which locker you put your stuff in… here’s an idea for you.

Take some red or brightly-colored nail polish, and paint a happy face on your lock. Two eyes on top (duh!) and a smile on the bottom.

I honestly have NO idea what originally possessed me to try this, but let me just say, it’s turned out to be wonderfully helpful. Plus, even after all these months, I still smile whenever I pull my lock out of my gym bag 🙂


  1. I wouldn’t take it personally, Anita.  The darn comments boxes don’t even remember ME, dangit! 🙁

    Well, actually, they do remember me on the individual (permalinked) pages, but not on the pop-up boxes.  I think it has something to do with distinct (sub)domains.  You’ll note that the pop-up boxes are called from…. whereas the individual-page comments are on…

    Argh.  Sometimes computers are just frustrating.  I’ll look into the issue, though, I promise!

    Oh, and about my smiley lock—I’d love to share a picture of this, but alas, my wonderful digital camera was stolen this past summer while I visited Estonia, and I’ve not yet replaced it 🙁  Sorry!

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