I, Robot

Hello.  Good day.  A little quiet?
I’m feeling a little blue myself.
You know, A little anxious for no particular reason
A little sad that I should feel anxious at this age.
You know, a little self-conscious anxiety resulting in non-specific sadness.
The state that I call blue.

– spoken by the narrator (“Man In Chair”) in the awesome musical “The Drowsy Chaperone

Today I am a little sad because of a small heartbreak.
And a little anxious because, well, I should not be admitting this in public.

Real men don’t do cry.  But real businessmen… the type who are strong, who manage or mentor, who think of respect and solidness and promotions… they are not bloviatingly blathering on a blog, blissfully or blamefully or otherwise.

Think.  Think of someone you look up to at work.  Do you want to know his private foibles, hear of his personal struggles?  Really?  No. You want someone to look up to.  Someone at least a little bit larger than life.  A rock, or minimally a damn large stone.

You have your own problems, and when you want to schadenfreudically delight in someone else’s problems, you have your TV or paper or favorite internet gossip sites within an arm or eyeball’s reach.

When your current or future dear leaders are feeling blue, they ideally do not show you, much less tell you.

Then again, maybe it’s different today.  Maybe the Live Journalers of the modern era will grow up to be respected leaders… warty angst, noserings and all.  Perhaps someday we’ll view an executive’s late night facebookings with indifference rather than annoyance or scorn.

Or maybe not.  Maybe he or she will methodically scrub, hoping the last trace of emotion is gone.  Here, look, a résumé.  A fine, level-headed portfolio indeed!

And only a strong, competitive, safe, and secure heart.




9 responses to “I, Robot”

  1. Jonathan Avatar

    Hello, I was wondering what spam blogs actually are? I am creating multiple discussion webpages with different content and I was wondering if that is allowed?

  2. Johan Schouten Avatar

    “Today I am a little sad because of a small heartbreak.
    And a little anxious because, well, I should not be admitting this in public. “

    I am very curious now.  Have you seen a sad movie maybe?

  3. Allison Avatar

    Some like words to live by thanks for sharing such personal thoughts!

  4. Ann Bradley Avatar

    True, sometimes the very act of sharing your sadness makes you feel better. Hope everything is ok by now! 🙂 “The Drowsy Chaperone” is indeed, a great musical. I think I want to see it again.

  5. Jillian Avatar

    I wonder if it is different for women? All the white shirts that I’ve worked with have always freely discussed personal things after a period of time elapsed and we got to know each other better. I think they learned that I can be trusted and sometimes have insights that were helpful to them.  I have always been discrete and supportive and would rather have a human CEO than a robot. I don’t think less of a man willing to admit feeling blue or his faults unless it becomes a constant issue or interferes with working productively.
    Hope things are less blue for you.

  6. suzanne Avatar

    hope you feel better and more perky soon, think the weather change can have a affect on us all

  7. Adam Avatar

    Malk’Zameth, yes, I agree with you about the mint ice cream!

    Jonathan, you’ll have to Google that or post a note on the Webmaster Help Group forum.

    Patricia, I like your outlook and I hope that vision is indeed the future.

    Johan, no, just the trials and tribulations of life itself!

    Allison, glad you like the sharing 🙂

    Ann, that’s super that someone else here as actually seen that musical, and thank you for the warm wishes!

    Simone, hopefully that’s happened 😛

    Jillian, that’s an interesting question and issue.  I do think women are both more apt to share their feelings in many contexts (online and offline) and other women are more likely to see that sharing as okay or even admirable.

    And lastly, Suzanne, thank you 😀

  8. Sam Avatar

    hope you feel happier soon!

  9. Adam Avatar

    Thanks, Sam 😀

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