McDonald’s Fries: They go on and on and on and on…

Here’s a great (and scary) quote from the entertaining and thoughtful guy who brought us the movie Super Size Me!:

Well, nothing smells like that food. Nothing tastes like that food. It’s its own animal. But here’s the thing to always think about, anytime you think about buying those fries? Think about you’re washing your car, you reach under the driver’s seat, and you pull out a french fry. Who knows how long that thing’s been there. But it looks like you bought it yesterday. Why is that? How does that happen?
– Morgan Spurlock, in an interview with

Incidentally, after reading Fast Food Nation, I’ve not been to McD’s in nearly four years now. I highly recommend both that book and Spurlock’s movie!







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  1. Huey Avatar

    Super Size Me is a good movie, but Spurlock is definitely overeating the entire time.  I think you’d be ok in 30 days if you ate a reasonable amount of food per meal.

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