Natural energy boosters guaranteed to kick your ass (in a good way)

I guarantee* that the following all-natural AdamSpecial (“CafeKeek” in honor of my now-undoubtedly-horrified French friends) will put a pep in your step, will put the mmmmm in mooove, will take the ache out of awake…

1) Coffee beans + grinder (ideal) OR not-terribly-fine-ground coffee (okay) OR instant coffee (will do in a pinch; can ignore French press/strainer instructions)
2) Milk (ideally non-fat, optionally low-fat) OR milk substitute that can be heated/drunk hot or warm
3) French press OR extra container + a strainer
4) Teaspoon
5) and – unless you don’t like sweet stuff—one of the following Adam-named add-ins
– “Plain Sweetie”:  Sugar—one to two teaspoons per cup of milk.
– “Chocolate Jesus”:  Pure unsweetened cocoa powder and sugar (one teaspoon each per cup of milk) OR pre-sweetened chocolate syrup / cocoa powder (Nestle Quik does not count!)
– “Cuckoo du mint”:  The Jesus ingredients above + three drops pure mint extract per cup of milk OR Trader Joe’s mint cocoa powder

Instructions for making CafeKeek…
1) Boil milk OR heat milk in microwave (ideally use a microwavable measuring cup or similar item for easy pouring)
2a) Got a French press?  Put in the ground coffee but not other ingredients.
2b) Using a strainer?  Add ground coffee to intermediate container (that you can easily pour from into your drinking cup)
3) Pour hot milk into either French press or intermediate container.  Wait 5 minutes.
4) Pour coffee-soaked hot milk into drinking container (using strainer if you didn’t use a French press)
5) Add optional other ingredients and stir with teaspoon.
6) Enjoy, then come back here and write a comment about how much you loved it and how you’re eternally grateful to me and so on.
7) Repeat, but probably not on the same day.

Strongly recommended in conjuction with CafeKeek…
– Protein—either a handful of nuts or some peanut butter on a cracker, etc.
– Potassium—a banana works great (half of one is fine)
– Exercise—no time for a real workout?  Prefix the incomparable CafeKeek with 18 jumping jacks or 18 seconds of jump-roping or anything else to quickly get your heart pumping.  I’m serious about this… it really helps!

*  *  *

Okay, now it’s your turn.  What natural foods / practices do you use to help wake you up? (so, yeah, those energy drinks with unpronounceable ingredients don’t qualify here)

*Guaranteed satisfaction, or your pro-rated BLADAM subscription fees reimbursed!



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7 responses to “Natural energy boosters guaranteed to kick your ass (in a good way)”

  1. Ellen Avatar

    That sounds like it would give anyone one hell of a energy boost now if you can come up with a reciepe to do the same for Natural Energy resources for the world you would be a billionair.

  2. sparrow Avatar

    Very few things will kick your butt and get the sleep out of your eyes like a heartfelt “F…!!!” a quarter of an hour after the point where you should have gotten up to get the train or flight or to the desk before your boss does.

    Works for me every morning.

    Is that a natural practice? I don’t do natural foods in the morning, I am too late for funky stuff like that.

  3. Mike Avatar

    Im not really a coffee drinker but it sounds good. Nuts and seeds are very good for giving you an energy boost though.

  4. Heath Avatar

    As long as it’s high in protein and high quality fats such as Omega 3, which it seems like it is with all the nuts, this is nice little cocktail. It sure beats the heck out of mid afternoon soda.


  5. James Avatar

    You should try the ProtineX powder.

  6. Kortnie Avatar

    Raisins, nuts, chocolate are good stuff also. With the increased pressure it is not advisable to drink coffee. Be careful.

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