No Sex (parodies) please, we’re British!

I had no idea that by British broadcasting regulations, it’s not permitted to parody living celebrities, politicians, or other famous folk without their permission.

As one British TV producer wryly noted, this could make for some complications in parodying Mr. Bin Laden since “he’s a bit tricky to track down at the moment.”

Due to this restriction, a recent commercial that, in part, parodied President Bush by having a cartoon likeness stick a DVD into a toaster, was nixed by a British advertising watchdog agency.

Really, now, that’s a bit much. We all know that Bush likely uses only VHS tapes, finding DVD’s to be Nice and Shiny, but a bit confusing.



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One response to “No Sex (parodies) please, we’re British!”

  1. Roy McCoy Avatar

    I’m not sure that’s correct. The link doesn’t work so I can’t check it but our TV and Radio parody who the hell they want quite frequently and sometimes quite savagely.

    No, I don’t think it’s true. They would never get permission for what they do.

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