[Overheard] – "How do I get balls?"

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Officemate:  So I got everything all set for the event.  Computers, powerstrips, food.  Only thing I forgot was chairs! [smacking forehead]
Me:  Why don’t you use these instead? [pointing to one of the inflatable balls we have in our office for sitting on]
Officemate: [looking intrigued, yet uncertain]  Hmm!  How do I get balls?!
Me:  [incredulous pause, then uncontrolled laughter]

Luckily my officemates have a good sense of humor 😀

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  • Marlene May 6, 2009 Link Reply

    Oh that really was funny! I think it’s great that y’all have a sense of humor!  How red did his/her face turn?

  • Paige May 8, 2009 Link Reply

    What a riot!  I love hearing about stories like this!

  • Adam May 11, 2009 Link Reply

    Glad you were amused, Marlene and Paige!  And my officemate (a guy) was actually pretty unfazed 😀

  • Adam May 23, 2009 Link Reply

    Heh, APfB, I can’t help but think it’d be entertaining working for one of the companies that *makes* these balls.  Either that, or perhaps they have a clause in their employment contract: “NOTE:  Immature jokes about balls have gotten old here years ago.  Any ball-related humor is punishable by termination…” 😛

  • padmanabhan Aug 15, 2009 Link Reply

    You must be really lucky to have such interesting officemates.. just enjoy !!

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