Short People Got… No Reason to Live

So this afternoon, against my better judgement, I got drawn into an online discussion about racism. I added my two cents (bringing up the McWhorter Interview I mentioned in my blog here), and then also added my concerns about and frustrations with heightism.

As shown on this Web site, short folks are not only the butt of jokes in songs, movies, and general conversation, but are also systematically discriminated against at work (hired and also promoted less often than taller people), as well as in the social and dating spheres. Not just anecdotally (though I have plenty of personal experience in this area), but statistically and scientifically.

After my post, I was practically laughed and boo’ed out of the thread.

How dare you even equate being short with being black, folks shouted at me. You’re talking apples and oranges, they insisted. Were you ever a slave, were you ever property?

No, I responded. Were you? You, PERSONALLY? Didn’t think so.

One kind fella came to my aid.

So, the difference between the following two statements:
I was overlooked for a promotion because I’m black.
I was overlooked for a promotion because I’m short.

Is? The answer: The black guy has legal recourse, and won’t get told to “just shut up because he’s imagining it.”

As I noted repeatedly in the discussion I was having, I was neither attempting to minimize the impact of discrimination against minorities, such as blacks, nor even trying to argue that heightism is equal in scope or severity to such discrimination… particularly historically.

But at the same time, heightism IS nonetheless a frustrating and insidious covert form of discrimination… and a form for which, I fear, there are no solutions. I can’t see mandating hiring quotas for short people, or forcing women to date guys under 5’8″.

It’s one of those things that we short people just have to live with and adapt to.

It’d sure be nice, however, if our frustrations were at least acknowledged and not laughed off as mere insecurities or paranoia.

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Edited on November 7, 2009 to add this link to the strange-but-catchy Randy Newman piece:


  1. Hey Anita,

    Yep, I’m actually writing from personal experience.  I’m 5’6”.  I look taller and better looking in photos 😀


  3. Hey there,

    I’m assuming you mean the “Short people… got no reason to live,” right?

    That’s a direct quote from the (formerly) very popular silly song with the same title by Randy Newman, and it certainly should suggest no disrespect on my part. 🙂

  4. You are right in the sense that be short in todays society is overlooked. I work in the restraunt buisness. I’m 4’11 3/4’ tall and the designs in the kitchens of the restraunts are always designed for those who are 5’5” or taller. Only when a regional manager or a general manager comes into my restraunt and sees the difficult someone like me has with the equipment do they even think of changes. But as usuall when they bring it up a corparate meeting they are told that there not going to make changes all because the standards are set the way they are and there is not enough short people in the industry to change. Well I do not know where they get there information cause I have been in the restraunte buisness for going on 10 years and belive me there are quite a few more short people in the buisness now including most of them being short women. So in short I think some way has got to be found to change peoples minds of short people .

  5. i think short people r tease cause people think they have littler dicks its not true people think o he’s short he must have a little willy and if some chick thinks u have a little one she wont go out with you proven fact chicks like taller people cause they think they r hung better so it’s harder for short people to get hotter chicks it sucks just cause i am 5 feet tall and am in 10th grade

  6. I have noticed short people do get alot of bull for bieng who they are, I for one should know this as I’m a 17 year old chic and only 4″8 in stature and every day, friends and complete strangers remind me of my hiehgt. Comparison to being of a different race and a different hieght is the same thing, what I really hate is the fact that people discriminate so feircly for it. Nowadays if you call somebody fat you will be booed and hated, yet if somebody coments on how you look like a midget, nothing happens. In the magazines they boast that they show ‘all shapes and sizes’ but out of all of the magazines I collect, not once have they reassured short people that they are socially accepted – fatter people have an article an issue. What Im trying to say is give the shorties a break!!!!, if only I could get the message out that it doesnt make us any difference, thanx for the article- Tad

  7. The problem is that people like to feel superior to others. When one looks down at a short person, it makes that short person an easy target.  I am a 5’3 34 year old male who has been picked on, teased and harassed.  When I was younger, this enraged me and even depressed me.  Though I have seem to “out grow” my frustration.  I have found that people will judge you as being incompetent based on height.  However, a short person can overcome this by being smarter, showing confidence and having character.  Its something us short people has to work very hard at everyday of our lives.  With these traits, I have found that people, and yes women, will look at you differently.  I have even seen the ugliest of people being perceived as being beautiful because they have these traits. By the way, I married a beautiful woman.

  8. I am a 39 year old male 5ft4in. That puts me in the 5th percentile for all males in the United States. I noticed the subtle discrimination years ago during my first job out of college. I didn’t think adults behaved that way, but I was mistaken. I think that short people need to mobilize against the subtle discrimination that seems to be prevalent here in the United States. As for this character BS, you are born with that, too. There are plenty of clueless mfers running this country, and are running it because they are tall. The most incompetent mfers run the show and we short people are holding the bag, paying their fing way, and being worked to death, keeping their butts high and mighty. As for women, most short people end up with the dogs. That is because women would rather play with themselves than be involved with a shorter man, unless, of course, he is mister dashing personality with the keys to a Mercedes.  Am I an angry short white male? You bet, and I make no apologies for it. NONE Will I try and compensate for my inadequacies? Of course, I am trying every day, although it is getting harder


  10. Thank you for this article. I am a 22 and stand 4’6” tall. And have been this height since I was nine years old. And Everyday, at least two people remind me of my height. Even professors! Sometimes it amazes me how rude people can be. I don’t even respond to half of the comments. But what can I say when people say such stupid uncalled for remarks. I have to constantly prove myself again and again that I am just as capable as completing a task just as good (or better) than someone of average height.

    It is very frusterating, when people treat you as a child. I still get into movies as a child, and people think that I am 11 years old. And people constantly ask me if I buy my clothes in the children’s department. Or make remarks about how it looks funny if I date tall man. I never let height be a factor in my decision for chosing who I date (or befriend), because I would not want someone to do that to me. And, I could miss out on a wonderful person. 

    It is nice to see that there are other people who see being short as discrimination. I would never ask someone how much they weigh? And I don’t know anyone who would, so why would they think that it is okay to ask someone who id short they’re height?

  11. Anna.. That must be rough having comments twice a day. That is entirely too bad. If you live near NYC and are interested in dating a “taller” man, let me know. I stand at 5’4”:)

  12. thanx alot 4 ur comments…im a 22 male 5’5 , actully i never thought about me being short , till i was 20 yrs old…that was when i asked a girl to go out with me , she refused because i was short for her she was 5’5 too ,  she wanted a dark TALL and handsom guy , but this is not the issue ,,its my cousins, my cousin is 22 yrs old but he is 6’0..and his brother ( my little cousin ) is 18 and 5’9 and their sisters are 5’7 , me and my brother got the same height 5’5…and i just start to notice that by the guys in the gym …most of’em are 5’8 and taller…which makes me in the girls height shelf ,also short people dont get the respect they deserve from other people. even thou , they think if ur short , ur weak…and what kills me the most is when i hear a joke about short guys in tv like callin’ us midgets , half people , or where did u loos the rest of u….‘cause im short and i dont wanna hear these ugly jokes. so i thought about buyin’ shoes that makes u taller , but still inside me there is a sad part in my heart!!
    thank u again and God bless u all!!

    1. Katie, if you think that remark you made that short people have every right to leave is funny, you have a wierd sense of humor. I am not short but have a short husband and grandson who are betiddled all the time.

  13. Wow, I’ll think twice before telling a “short” joke again. Never looked at it from that point of view, how could I(72” tall)though without hearing it from someone else? One thing though to “Jaded” In your statement: “Am I an angry short white male? You bet, and I make no apologies for it. NONE. Will I try and compensate for my inadequacies?” Is it an inadequacy to be born short? How does one compesate for it? A chip on a shoulder bigger than anyone else. It’s the very attitude you carry that leads to the stereotyping of the short white male. Try just accepting who you are what you have been given rather than compensating for other peoples judgement of this so called inadequacy. It’s what’s in your mind, heart, and actions that you will truly be judged. There are all kinds of people born every day big, short, tall, small, black, white, brown, and for everyone there will be someone who will like them for who they are and if you can’t find that person you just might try checking your attitude, nore likely than not it’s a bad attitude that’s chasing the ladies or men away. Think on it. Oh and also to Katie for your post: “I LOVE SHORT PEOPLE… they have every right to leave.!!!!!!” You’re too funny, thank you for bringing a tear to my eye sweetie!

  14. For everyone out there…God Bless You All!!!!
    It wasn’t till college that I actually realized how being short can have such an effect on how people treat you…I can’t believe how rude and totally biased people are!!! Some people don’t even take the time to say hello much less even give you a second look..I’m a short male but I know for certain that God put me here for a reason, and despite what any jackass says about me I will always no that about myself..Thanks for the website!!—and by the way…i have a true friend who is close to 7 ft. tall,,so keep in mind that not all tall people are assholes…thanks again

  15. I’m depressed as usual all my life over my height. My mom was short, however, she has passed. I have one brother who is 5’l0” and his family are normal size. My mom was 5’. I had a Grandfather who must have been 5’l” and I have 3 cousins living on the west coast who are short, however, my brother’s family is near me on the east coast.  I grew to be 4’ll-l/2”, never making 5’.  Now through the years being the age of 67, I thought for sure people would leave me alone, however, I still get the same comments like all of you seem to be getting, and at my age I thought that would stop. I just got a comment from an adopted niece saying aloud at the family reunion “What are you doing, shrinking”? and I said “yes”, she by the way is 6’ tall. and that is my point….I have lost l” of height and it happens which I never thought of when I was younger. Being brought up during WWII, and being iron deficient, back then, there was no burgers and pizzas to have all the time.  Even at my age now ( and my grown children see my frustration,) I get comments like people are telling me something I don’tknow myself – that I am short! I don’t even want to go to social functions anymore cause I know I’ll get it and have to endure the dumb people.  I remember that song about short people. I used to hate it.  We had a song in the 50’s called “The Shrimp Boats are acoming”, which was sung to me.  So now I get it from my own family as I am the runt whereas my cousins are’nt around to compare.  I just want to add a dismal outlook, as you get older, height will leave you, and we all will never be accepted for having “a brain”, for some reason short people (to the eyes of the normals) cannot be smart.  I used to have alot of self esteem and had my own secretarial business, but I lost it along the way.  I have 3 grown sons, and they sympathize with me. They range from 5’8, to 5’9,—my husband is 5’4-l/2” now, and is 7l years of age.  He lost l-l/2 inchs,  so it happens.  Why do we end up laughing at ourselves when we have to accept the dumb peoples comments? I still don’t understand…There is one thing I do when certain people say something I don’t like—I ignore them and when it comes time to give them presents, or money for showers, etc., I don’t go or show up at their event..that is my way of getting even.  Oh yes, that niece!!—I told her adopted mother the way I felt by her comment in front of everyone, and at her wedding, I ignored “the bride”, but I did go and eat and to this day, still ignore.

  16. hi, i am a short person of 4’11, and like alot of short people, could only dream of making it to 5’0, were you are at least considered by society to be “somewhat normal”. Because for those of us who are under 5’0, were are often considered by uninformed of society to be in the “unreal-‘I can’t belive you are so tiny,(is that even possible?’-height catergory by other people.
    My sister is 5’4, and sometimes it seems unfair that i am not as tall. Growing up it was sometimes hard. It was not only hard for me, but it was also hard to see my own mother being made fun of for being short.(she is 4’11 too). When we were kids,my mom, my sister and I went to Popular franchise Itlian restraunt most of us know by name. The “average heighted” woman of about 5’6 said to my mother something like: “How tall are you, I’ve never in my life seen anyone so short before.” As a kid, i begged by mom not to make a big deal out of it.she ended up leaving her a penny for a tip. It seemed kinda of impossible for a grown woman not to have ever seen a short person of my mother’s height.

    Especially when there are so many short people in this world. But not alot of short people are considered for the mainstream jobs,so how could she have seen many short people.? Alot of times it seems like the “average sized” people are the ones that seem to make fun of heights alot. I know of 2 “average” sized girls say that they would rather be either really short or really tall, but being average, you just didn’t get noticed?… But alot of short people will also discriminate between themselves sometimes. Short girls will sometimes make fun of girls who are shorter than they are. Some short guys won’t always date short girls because they think that the girls shortness is making them aware of their own internalized inferiority.or vice versa. i had a boyfriend who was 5’6 and would make cracks about my shortness because he didn’t like his own height, and would alternaltly tell me about how he wanted a really tall girl. I am not saying that all short guys and girls are like this, but sometimes we do discriminate with eachother.I am not saying people should date according to height. you should date who you want.I try not to discriminate with height in dating. but sometimes when i date someone who is tall, it is hard because we are looked at dosen’t really bother us, but it can get to you sometimes. being short, you get a lot of different reactions. i was told my a person who used to be in the army i was too short to join. i applied for a position in the restraunt, and the interviewing manager told me that generally they want the wait staff to be of a certain height so that they can reach things. as an aspiring actor, you don’t always get alot of audtions because of your height. Alot of where it can bother you the most though, is from your own family. On my mothers side of the family,(they are not very tall) members will often talk about your height. my grandfather(who is about 5’6) used to comment alot when i was growing up about how my feet could not reach the floor in a seat. and also they he didn’t think that i would get much taller than my mother,or not as tall, or about how much people weighed. family members are not supposed to bring you down, but they can.

  17. I hate being short. I am 15 and am 4’11. My doctor said I will hit 5’0 before I’m done growing but still, that’s really short. I want to be an actress when I’m an adult, but obviously that probably won’t happen. I hate this so much.

  18. Every one of these comments are so negative.  I am 4’11 and 3/4 and I am beautiful inside and out.  If being short is your only worry then you must have it pretty good.  My height does cause me insecurities sometimes but what person is not insecure.  You just have to hold your head high and not care what people think.  Even in the job place either they take you as you are and if they dont like you for your height so should think about the people you are applying to work for. I work at a very popular restraunt and people constantly ask me how tall I am and even make uncalled for remarks.  My favorite come back is Good things come in small packages, my mom has always told me that and we even have special line of clothing called petites I am 20 so I still wear Juniors but look forward to shopping there.  I also have a aunt who is the same height as me.  She has her masters degree in specialized education along with a list of other degrees.  She is one of the smartest women I have ever meet.  And she lives everyday to its fullest, very successful woman.  So instead of being on the pitty pot lets celebrate our lives and forget those who discriminate move on to the ones who support and belive me there out there.

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  20. howdy to all of us vertically challenged folks out here in the world . i work construction as an electrician and plumber im male / 5ft3 / in that alone it a diffucullt trade to keep up in because evry thing i do is out of hand and over head i get badgered daily by most of my crew and even my boss refers to me as the fucking midget. i do my best o just blow it off but after 45 years its made some pretty deep trenches in my heart and self esteem , ive quit dating and all hope of marriage (women are simply looking for a taller men ) thank you ladys who vow to say this isnt true your very sweet but its hidden sublimly in the inflection. i see it every day i keep a smiling face on and open doors and be a gentlemen as much as i know how but i merly get snnubbed looks and snide remrks at my mere attemtps of chivalry . as for work!?. i will neevr move up in my job beccause of the same reasons you all have posted yet evry day every one woh works with me says Don! they need to give you a promo or a higher wage because theres not another person in our team of 50 that has the education and abilitys i have in my speacialty feild , i simply tell them im not tall enough and dont fit the height requirement to obtain a supervisiory position ive even over heard a conversation as a fly on the wall scnerio happened to me one morning and heard the conversation in the office about my work , when al was said and done, i wanted to run out the door and never be seen again ,when my boss said my crew would never respect me because i was a fucking midget! i seen a few taller peole in hre make some comments its our attitude that makes the difference ,, cute! but very laughable i have a great attitude and chat with nice peole evry day in the chat rooms and have a great time , but the chat rooms gives an advantage thats not held in the public eye the peole whom you chat with have no idea of your height so it lends itself to being a more level playing feild(

  • Wow I never realized we were so many and so depressing. People we gotta cheer up. Im short I’m just a tad bit over 5’ but I got a body of tank, lol atleast thats what all friends tell me, I can bench alot but im not absolutley abnormal. If you want to increase your confidence dress good and if possible go out of ur way to get nice customized clothing. Wear shoes that have nice heels but not amazingly noticeable. Have clean cut hair, and wear clothing that fits perfect or close to perfect. Try to expose your neck if it is short…because having a short neck tends to make you look shorter. The onyl problem I have when being short is soemtimes I meet people online, and I’m afraid to tell them my height because a prejudgement may be made. Well anyways I’m not too depressed but at the same time I dont have alot of confidence with women, with guys I could careless and they know that so they respect that…but with women I just can’t seem to have that confidence present. Thats why I’m hoping for an arranged marriage lol kidding…well anyways let me know what you people have to say about me.

  • I just want to say, if there are any tall people listening. Stop reminding us that we are short, we already know it. I am an 18 year old female. I am done growing and am 4’11’‘. Why does everyone think they have to remind us of our shortness. Yeah, I know I’m short, I look in the mirror everyday. I get into my car and have to pull the seat up as far as it goes. I have to pay to get a lot of my clothes hemed. So why can’t you people just accept us the way we are. We accept you!

  • hey , all my younger and youngest bros are taller than my best friend and im 6’1, it never hit me that hieght could matter so much, all i have to do is look down to have a converstaion with a human being capable of doing anything i could mentally n partially physically, but that doesnt matter, as long as he’s with the ppl that care for him , he’ll be alright.

    Those who feed u bad comments are actually ignorant and insecure if u think about it

    Peace oUT!

    If any of u wanna talk to me, and just ask a few qs about how it is to be tall, id be happy to tell u, but trust me it aint much different, u short guys r making it a big deal…well not exactly..

  • Are you kidding me??  I have a hard time believing everybody here has such issues over his/her height.  All that tells me is that you have such incredible lives that the only thing you have left to be neurotic about is your height.  I am 22, and 5’2’‘, and I have to tell you, it’s never caused any problems.  So I ask someone in the grocery store to reach something for me off the top shelf, or my best friend who is 5’10’’ calls me her personal midget (she does it with love 🙂  )…  What’s the big deal?  No one is hurt, no one died…  Geez, get over it.

  • This has been an interesting read! I’m short, have achived a fairly high level of success, but recently seem to just fall short of moving myself into a recognised and paid for leadership position despite having proven leadership qualities.
    Rena, you are a great example of a short person with a healthy and positive self-image. While I do believe that there is discimination against short people – particularly short men – there are plenty of examples of successful short people in all walks of life: Robert Redford, Tom Cruise, Mick Jaggar, Curt Cobain, Woody Allen, Dustin Hoffman, Mother Teresa, Bonnie Parker, Dolly Parton, Paul Simon, Dudley Moore, Buckminster Fuller,Martin Scorsese, Mahatma Ghandi, Aristotle Onassis, Andrew Caranegie, Jack Daniel and many many more.


    How much is our own self-belief preventing us from achieveing our true potential? If we believe that we won’t be accepted because we are short – we won’t.
    There is absolutely no reason why we can’t overcome our own beliefs about our height and begin convining others (and I suspect they don’t even need it) that height is irrelevant to achievement.
    Time to focus on the advantages and there are many.
    “One of the distinct advantages about being short is that people have a tendency to underestimate you so it only takes half the effort to impress” – anon

  • Hi everyone im 5’7 and i just want to say the sterotyping by girls is soo damn tru, Im a handsome dude ( people tell me) And girls constantly feel they have to tell me if i was taller i could be a model! Who the hell are u to tell me such rubbish, or like aww Adam yur so cute, i wonder why u dont have a gf, maybe cause every girl out there says te same thing u say and nothing ends of occuring!

    Geez frankly i dont care if i dont get a girl, its starting to get on my nerves HOW A UGLY TALL GUY CAN OUTPLAY A HANDSOME SHORT GUY.

  • I’m 4’ 11’ and I’m thirteen years old boy. Yeh I’m a little young to say I’m short but I’m going right in my Dad’s shoes. Because I’m considered tall compared to my mom(4’ 8’‘) and maybe my dad(5’ 1”)as a growing boy but when I look at my cousins I almost want to cry because one of my 7 year old cousins is almost as tall as me, give or take an inch. And some of my uncles grew up to be 6’ 5’ or around there. I also look like more of the 9 year old kid who keeps on trying to show my face hidden beneath everyone. Because of this I’ve become one of the quiet kids at school. I was really taken aback when I tried asking a girl out because we became close friends and i liked her but she said no (she was about 5’) and she started going out with another boy 5’ 8”. I almost cried when i heard she was going out with him. Now I feel uncomfortable near most girls because they are usually 3 inches taller than me and the one I was rejected by was also considered short.But I’m going to be the next Jimi Hendrix so hopefully I’ll be happy.

  • As a very short guy I can honestly say that short people are discriminated against. Deliberatly or not I don’t know but I tend to find that because people are looking down at me literally they also speak down to me metaphorically.

    But well, I have a fantastic wife and baby on the way which is more than I can say for some of my taller friends.

    But yes, short people are definately discriminated agaisnt in a million little ways (no pun intended) o a daily basis!

  • I am 43 yrs old and just over 5’2 i never say tall always short. I was the second oldest in my family and the shortest of of 6 kids. I took alot of stick about my height especially by my siblings. When i had clothes handed down they came from my youngest sister.By the time i outgrew my clothes they were not able to fit anyone else. I remember on a bus with my sisters and one of them noticed i couldnt even reach the bell to stop the bus.It was always someone else to do it. Even now i am still the shortest of all of them ,i know my mum and dad are average like 5’6 to 5,9 my sisters and brother are 5’4 to 5’11 which happens to be my brother. I know you might think 2 ins isnt that bad to be shorter than one of my sisters. But it was such a big deal to them. At family pictures i used to wait till everyone was lined up before i fitted myself in.Otherwise all you would’ve seen is me trying to stretch or go on tiptoes to be seen. Even at school the teachers used to make you stand up to answer questions when i stood up i wasnt seen so the teacher shouted at me i told him i was standing and if so i would bring in a stool so he coule see me. I was then sent to the headteacher for being bad. Then i was put at the front of the class so he could see me lol.Even now i get ribbed for my height by my own 2 kids the 13 yr old is taller than me she is about 5’4 my 10 yr old is catching me fast. While i was taking my 2 kids on a bus trip my 13 yr old saw that my feet were not touching the floor she thought it was funny to shout it out so everyone looked at me. As i said i am 43 yrs old divorced now as my husband was 5’ 7 but thought he was 5’9 no way as that would’ve made me 5’0 which i know i aint. I feel like i am going through the shrinking stage of my life as i think i was about 5’3 when i was about 18 yrs old. So i know i would be losing some height but i think 1/2 an inch is abit much as by the time i am 60 i will be lucky if i am still 5’0 which i would dread it. Because if my children have kids no doubt they will be taller than me. So in the not to distant future i feel i will be the shortest once again in my family. The kids will be reaching things i can reach. Has it goes now my 13 yr old gets annoyed if i cant reach something and she lets rip. I have had a few names like Shortcake shortstuff minimite .The worst one was my sisters always told me if you done grow taller you will be classed as a midget which i have always hated that word. All my friends have been taller than me but it never bothered them about my height but we used to just joke about it even with me messing about. lol lol So just try to be strong and make the most out of life thanks


    yea im 5’3 and 19 and i understand everyones troubles with women.  its a pain in the ass. girls just like taller guys. End of story. BUT!… theres a way around this.  lets look at why short people are treated like dirt… well becuase we look weak, and wimpy.  well how do we compensate for that? uhhh get big muscles? DUH!

    well heres some tips, Do anything you can to make up for being short, (dress well, make the girls luagh, be nice and clean cut, take care of yourself, show confidence, be a gentlemen, be employed, WORK OUT, yatta yatta yatta) and you can still compete with all the strokey tall goofballs out there. 

    I started working out at home, lifting weights, doing pushups, pull ups w/e.  after about a year, im in great shape, and well, im “HUGE”.(dont mean to brag :\ ) people now respect me.  Most people dont even make comments about you anymore becuase there scared youll break there neck. heh heh

    if you start loseing confidence when your working out…. THRIVE OFF THE ANGER OF BEING SHORT!!!!!!!! i cant stress that enough.  Thats all that kept me going.  if your like… UGH!!! I CANT DO ANOTHER PULL UP!.  Just think of all the times youve been ridculued for being short, and let all the anger flow through your arms. Youd be suprised how much that helps. It also helps to listen to some good rock music while working out.  anything that gets you pumped. 

    So just go get in shape. not only will the girls love your body, and your confidence, but no one fucks with you anymore, and you WILL get more repect.  Dont let some tall pussy push you around. show him whos boss. 

    I remember not to long ago, i was at a party, and some big tall dude, who thought he was king shit was pushen me around. he was acten cool infront of all the girls, cracken jokes about me and so on. So i challenged him to a friendly match of arm wrestling. everyone gathered around to watch, and i kicked his ass. He was humiliated. And felt stupid. by the end of the night, he was cracken jokes with me, RESPECTING ME FOR WHO I AM. Im sure anyone who watched me arm wrestle that kid went home thinking “hmmm, so i guess not ALL short people are wimps” And thats exactly what i want people to think.

    and if you need to learn to fight, take brazillian jujitsu classes. It teaches you to fight from the ground. Which is usually were short people end up in fights. it Teaches you how to put people into submission and stuff like that. and now i have a crapload of confidence when it comes down to fighting.

    The only thing that pisses me off now about being short, Is buying jeans.  JESUS.  Will someone please make jeans for short people!?? i mean come on. COOOOMEEE ONNNN!!!! i have a 30 waiste, and 28 legs.  Idk, it drives me nuts, they need to make a clothing outlet for short people.

    And i also work in the contruction business and i get hassled 24/7, but w/e i deal with it.  It suxs becuase at work you have to deal with there crap.  If you punch your boss in the face, youll get fired. lol But inside i know hes just a big pussy and i could wreck him if i had the chance.  so that makes me feel better.


  • I can’t help but wonder about how many of the short men who lament that women ignore them because they’re not taller ignore women because the women are lacking some desirable physical attribute.

    Humans will always have their innate preferences which exclude others. It doesn’t seem fair, but don’t forget about your own exclusionary preferences before you start playing the violin too much.

  • I love being short and known as the “short” one .. i do rather prefer “petite” though (I am 5’1”). My height does not identify who I am and I usually make fun of people that are too tall (all my friends are at least 5’9”), height shouldn’t get people down!

  • :-\

    I’m 5’0 and feel pretty depressed about it. I feel as though if I was taller people would take me more seriously, that I would be more competive at everything, from sports to dating, friends, social life. But being short does filter out the people who are superficial about my height. I hate being ‘cute’ rather than hot. I don’t mind being cute, but all the time gets depressing as if I’m a child for the rest of my life. I’m dating a 6’3 and I am pretty insecured about my height compared to his. Whenever something goes wrong, I would blame it on my heigh, that he would perfer someone taller. Oh well, guess I have some relationship problems and self-esteme to work on here.

  • Hey all you short people out there, I’m one of you but I have to say along with a few others here, get a grip!
    Yes, we’re short. I stand a shade under 5’6”, I’m 35 years old and I’m married to a beautiful woman (ask ANYONE who’s seen her), we have a beautiful little girl and I run a successful business and I’m working on another.
    Yes, it sucks being short but I can only say this from my experience of just the last 3-4 years. It truly had never been an issue, at least not an issue that affected me, until I worked for this company in 2003.
    My height was referenced to on more than one occasion and I started to become insecure about it but I didn’t let it all-consume me because, excuse the pun, life is just too short.
    Get out there, start to feel good about WHO YOU ARE and what you have to offer, not How tall you are or how tall you could have been! At the end of the day when you’re dead and gone people will not remember how tall you were unless you want them to.
    Do in life how you want to be remembered in death.

  • Iam going to be 20 years old and i am 4″8 i have stoped growing around the 4th grade. People constantly remind me of how short i am. People purposly put things where i cant reach them at work so they can laugh at me. All i want to say is I KNOW IM SHORT please stop reminding me believe me its not something i EVER forget not even for a second. So can you guys maybe go 2 mintues without reminding me. The worse part is that i have 9 year old making fun of me becuase they are way taller than me….

  • I would hate to stereotype and generalise..but you short people are grumpy!  😀

    I’m 6ft2 and trust me, I don’t see a lot of other girls my height. You get people reminding you of your height all the time? well so do i. it’s not so great to have random people gazing up at you and just asking “how tall are you..?” Gah.

    Oh, and is it difficult for small guys to find girls? well, it’s not so easy for tall girls to find guys! Sure, if you’re a supermodel, but otherwise…

    And also, as humans, we can’t help but judge people on their appearances. How else would we know how to treat strangers? I’m blonde, and I’m sure sometimes people judge me on that. But I don’t sit and complain about it, it just means I have to prove to them that I’m not stupid. Well, not all the time…

  • Jen:

    How easy that is for you to say… If people think you are stupid, you can prove them wrong. I agree! But if people think we are short, do you think we can prove them wrong by proving we are tall? We would still be short and still be looked down upon. Isn’t your analogy an utterly useless comment?

    I guess this is one instance when you proved you are a blonde and not so smart.

  • I am a 74 year old Nanna and used to be 5 ft 1 inches in height. Because of osteoporosis and scoliosis I have lost height and am now 4 ft 7 1/2 inches. I don’t think there is a day that goes by without someone still comments about my height! I could write a book on the comments and they are hurtful!
    eg. “I feel good standing next to you – it makes me feel tall!” Well if it makes them feel good, how does it make me feel? “What’s the weather like down there?” “Why don’t you grow?”, “Oh, I thought I heard someone, oh there you are down there,” etc. etc. etc. I think we have all had those comments. I find the best answer is just say “So?” and this seems to really make them stop and if they don’t and make another comment, repeat “So?”, or just give them a look and walk off. This sometimes has resulted in an apology from the person. Even though I am a Senior Citizen these comments still get made every day.

  • Train your mind to just be happy! your subconscious can’t tell lie from truth, so if you keep telling yourself you are tall enough, over time it will believe you hehehehehe

    keep your head up and if anyone make fun of you say “fuck you” in another language that you think they don’t understand, that help alot hehehehehehe

  • I’m a 20yo 5’8 male and I still feel short every day. At least you guys are old… the new and coming generation, well, everyone is at least like 6, so I’m always the shortest one everywhere I go =(

  • Usually being short is something that doesn’t bother me. I’m the president of two organizations: I didn’t get to where I am worrying about my height (take that advice). And it’s not something I’m out to prove. It’s just me living my life: I’ve always felt and acted like a leader. But I’ve heard the jokes—all the jokes! Why when a taller person achieves success people are happy for him, but when a short guy achieves the same success, people make snide comments and whisper cruel words amongst themselves?

    I’ve always wondered why people feel so comfortable making cruel jokes about height… “Heightism” is something I thought my brother and I made up; I laughed in shock when I saw it used so often on this page. It’s realerthan I thought! You know, when I’ve brought it up in conversation on many occasions, I’ve only received two reactions: 1) lots of laughs because people think I’m just being funny, or 2) “That’s ridiculous.”

    It’s only been in the past few years that it’s been dawning on me more and more that girls feel more uncomfortable about my height than I do. How many of you fellow short guys have noticed that when a girl likes you, she brings up your shortness somehow (say in a joke or a casual comment) and you can see the gears in her mind working to get over this ‘flaw’ of yours? Many of the girls I’ve dated, I know this is something they had to get their heads around (they never approached the subject directly, but it’s easy to see, as many of you probably well know).

    Just last night, I was getting along with this girl very well at a party. As she drank, she began making jokes about my height. At first, it was like ‘whatever’—nothing I hadn’t heard before. And, plus, like I said, sometimes short jokes are just a girl’s way of getting over it for herself. But over time (and drinks) her jokes became more crude. At one point, I got us both a beer from the cooler and she said loudly enough for those around to hear, “Haha, I feel like I’m being served by a little midget.” If that wasn’t painful enough, everyone laughing at her ‘hilarious’ joke sure made it noteworthy.

    I came onto this webpage slightly depressed about my height—but now I’m just downright pissed off. I can’t believe how many others suffer the insults day after day. All I can say is, Hang in there. I know it’s hard though.

  • My son is a dwarf and he has problems with getting a job.  He can do the work; but one look at him and they denied him an opportunity to work.  He is even more qualified than others; however when they see him 3 feet they don’t even give him a chance.  He can drive 18 wheelers, weld, and many other hand type job—but they want give him a chance to prove himself.  Please helpme to help him.  Thanks Gloria

  • I’m 5’3’’ 47 years old Never got used to being short Recently I’ve started pretending I can’t walk and I now go around in a wheel chair people don’t know my height this way and I get treated with more respect.

  • Sorry dont know what happend there lol.Hi i am below average height 4’10 to be exact and i am 43 years old.The only thing i have to look forward to is not shrinking too much lol.I did however start out at 4’11 so i seem to have lost 1 inch.I have never been happier than being in the company of short people.I mean all my family are taller than me.My parents were 5’6/5’7 so pretty good height.Whereas all my sisters grew to be between 5’4 and 5’9.My brother getting to 5’11.My problem was my youngest sister being 5’9 she was about nearly a foot taller.I was the second oldest with my brother coming first.I used to say that all the height tonic must have been used up by him being so tall lol.I was always tormented by my sisters but not my brother he used to get them back for me.They used to always put my things up high and i could never reach them but my brother helped me.When it came to pictures i was always bunged at the front what a nightmare.So i even had to contend with my own 2 kids growing up taller than me my boy reached 5’11 and the girl 5’6.She has vener mentioned why i was shorter than her at any time thank god.I am always happier when i am with my shorter relatives.I have 3 aunts who all graced 5’2 and one was my nan was 5’2.She has now shrunk to 5’0 has she is nearly 90 but still taller than me.The two people i get on the best are my nan and grandad.My nan is 4’10 and my grandad is 5’0.They have both always felt strongly for me has they told me stories of growing up how they found it hard.My grandad said he couldnt believe how he met my nan in the second world war.He said how he was 5’3 and my nan was barely 5’0.My nan used to call her husband her tall man which was so funny.They are the ones that started my nickname littleun which i only answer to when my own name isnt used.

  • Hi there all i am billi jack and am 50 years old.I have read all your stories and some facinate me has i have been through it to.I will tell you abit about me i am divorced now but was married to a marvellous woman many years ago.We were in how teens i am very short 4’11 tall or not so and i met me partner she was amazing she was slightly shorter than me around 4’10.We had a lovely wedding the pictures were brilliant has we both came from average height families we has all the short people and tall people seperated so it looked very funny.We still had my parents and Joanna’s next to us so we were the shortest adults my parents were 5’6 tall both of them and Joanna’s were 5’8 and 5’9.My brothers and sisters were between 5’2 and 6’0.Joanna only had a twin sister now she was 5’8 tall apparently her sisters came out first and they had to cut Joanna out has she didnt grow has much.She used to tell me how no one believed her about them being twins Joanna was always picked on and her twin had to step in to help her.We had 3 good sized children 5’6 5’8 and the boy was 6’0.We just couldnt work it out how they were much taller than us all the other children would laugh at us with the big children.Like what littleun said about favourite relatives we were the same we like our shorter ones has when we tried talkinh to the tall people we were either looking at their navel or cricking our neck to talk.Joanna used to make me laugh has she would only talk to them sitting down so they were more on a even keel she would say.Well getting back to Joanna and me we just couldnt get enough of each other being roughly the same height was marvellous we could roughly look into each others eyes.I did use to say to her if possible would she mind not wearing terribly high heels which she couldn’t manage anyway she found then hard to walk in.She would wear shoes about 1/2 inches.So when we were younger that didnt matter has we were a match exactly the same height.What i am saying is that it starts off hard for people but then gets easier if you can find a matching partner who’s height is similar.I used to see woman around 5’0 wanting men over 6’0 WHAT IS THE POINT it looks like your dad is taing you out it looks so hillarious.We used to laugh when we saw it.The woman would be struggling her the poor bloke trying to talk to her and she had to look up at over 1 foot.Stick with the short people if short and stick with tall people if tall.

  • Well as my name say small Paul,always as always will be.I have short stature/am vertically challenged.I am 5’0 tall,my brother reached 5’10 and my sister 5’8.My problem was being the oldest and shortest.I am 28 yrs old and my brother 22 and sister 19.Both my parents are fairly average mum 5’7 and dad 5’10.I am actually the same size has my nan grandad and 1 aunt.In the family we are called the shorties by the taller relatives.When i am out and about i am the same size has the kids still at school.I am mainly the size of a 10 year old.I regulary get called a name by them mainly dwarfman.I was lucky to have been 5’0 the doctor told me he thought i would be 4’9.So i am lucky he got it wrong hey.I have just met a woman who i have been with for 5 years things are so far going well she is abit taller than me 5’2 tall.She thinks she is short i tell her to me you are tall enough.I quite like it when she put heels on she sometimes reaches 5’4/5’5.She says she is surprised she was with me has she wanted someone more her height.When she is in her stockinged feet she is slightly taller but we can kiss and cuddle without having to stretch that is great.I did think i would never find anyone to have me has my sisters would always tell me she would not go out with a short guy.That made me feel really good lol.My family love my partner especially has she is similar in height.It took her family a while to adjust to it has they wanted her with a tall guy like them. She is worried about having kids and she thinks they may be short i did tell her has there is nothing wrong with short people.So just maybe we will i do hope so has least then they will be on a similar height for a while lol

  • Hi i am 62 years old i just read a bit about the woman shrinking with age and osteoporosis.I seem to have the same problem i was diagnosed with it about 30 years ago.I used to be 5’2 and now reach 4’9.I ususally get checked by the doctor on the height has he wants to find out more on people shrinking.So at the moment i am a guinnea pig for him.He says that he cant do anything about losing height which he would have loved to be able to.I have lost 5 ins which he says is quite alot and possibly could lose more boo hoo.I see the nan has lost about 5 and 1/2 ins.I am also a nan to 6 grandchildren they are all fully grown and are above 5’7 all of them.My own children were also over 5’7 so all taller than me.It was nice when i was 5’2 has being 5 ins shorter wasnt a problem but now being a foot shorter than some of them.The only person nearest to my height in the family is my daughter who i missed her height.She is my youngest daughter she is 47 and she is 4’10 tall.when i was younger i used to be taller than her which i was not proud has i expected all my kids to be taller.For jermima i called her she was a good 4 ins shorter than me.But now she is taller than me by 1 inc.But with her age and mine we will both be similar which would be nice.Jermima was always treated differently has we felt the need to protect her now she is protecting me.We both live together and help each other.My husband who is 5’6 does alot for me around the house and reaches things.My daughter never managed to meet someone has she struggled with her height constantly there are no groups for short people her i must say.So i like to help her and we both feel the need to embrace our heights or lack of it boo hoo

  • I am a shorter than average guy always have been.I am 47 years old and also suffer like some of the older generation.When i was a teenager i reached 5’2 but nearly 30 years on i have gotten shorter.I was measured by the nurse and she made it 4’11.I told her where have the 3 ins gone.At first she said are you sure you were 5’2.I always thought i was i said but when they last did a check up i was 5’1.I think i must have added an inch somewhere along the line.But the nurse said it is definetly 4’11.So i have shrunk it seems i have lost 2 ins.I thought wel that is a turnup for the books when we next have a family picture i will be the shortest out of us all.We then all went to my nephew’s wedding and had a big family pic taken.When i saw the picts later my worst fears were had.I always thought i was taller than my big sister but when we were talking she told me NO you use to always add on an inch all of us used to laugh and let you do it.She then said that she was 5’2 i was 5’1 and John was 5’3.I mean we were mainly short anyway.Now it just happens to be me 4’11 my sister 5’1 and John 5’2.I mean it is only 2 ins difference but i always thought we were the same height i could notice John slightly taller.My parents were 5’4 and 5’5 we were all shorter than them.Even now with getting shorter they are still taller than me.I was like a bookend with my grandad growing up he was the same height with my nan slightly shorter.Now we are all the same height me nan and grandad.I like what someone said about embrace your height i feel i will have to do so before i lose much more.All i am saying is dont lie about height has it comes back and bites you on the backside.

  • Right i am 43 years old 5’2 tall and the oldest in my family.All my sisters are taller than me i had to watch them all reach 5’4 to 5’8.I was picked on by them all the only comfort i got was from my grandmother.She was always on hand to help me get over all the troubles.The reason she could help me was that we were the same height.When i was younger i was about 5/6 ins shorter than my youngest sister and she would hide my books up high.I would talk to my gran and tell her how i was feeling this helped me alot.Try to speak to people if you are strugglig has it isnt nice

  • hey in my home town i was always seen as short my mother is 6’ and my dad is 5’10 and my best mate is 6’ im a girl and ‘only’ 5’6 but when i came to uni i found that i was actually one of the taller of the people here, i find that some people are happy to make fun of their own height whilst others may be less comfortable with this. people need to find a ballance between cute nicknames 🙂 and bullying 🙁 .

  • I’m 4ft 11 and I can’t tell you how sickening it is to try to find jeans that fit. It pisses me off in a bad way when I see entire stores dedicated to “plus” sizes but there is not one single pair of pants out there that fit an average weight short person. Maybe if I put on 100 lbs or so I could find jeans to fit me too!!!

  • I see there are alot of short people on here.I live in London and have a twin sister .The thing is that she is 5’10 tall and i am 4’10.Apparently i didnt grow very much in the womb.My sister was born weighing 10llb 3oz.I on the other hand was weighed in at 3llb 6oz.Quite a difference there hey.My sister was twice has long has me and the doctors thought i wouldnt survive.All the time growing up i have had my sister tormenting me about out height difference.She always used to hide things knowing i couldnt reach them.Even at school the same there.It turned out that she always wanted me to be just like her but instead she just gre and grew.I just couldnt catch up with her height.I stopped growing at the age of 10 yrs and she just carried on till she was 16 yrs old.I fully accepted my height but to my sister she couldnt she always thought we would be the same.Now both my parents are 5’10 and 6’0 i cant blame anyone for my below average height.I just put it down to me not getting the nourishment before i was born.I do have a grandad who is abit taller than me 5’0 also an uncle who is 5’2.Apart from that everyone is taller than me.All my nieces nephews and cousins.It isnt very nice having to look up at everyone especially in my family.Outside i am about the same height has 9/10 yr old kids.I have to buy my clothes from Gap kids store.I can never buy adult clothes has i have to lose quite a few ins in length.Sorry about the rant.

  • I have just read your comments on here.Now i am quite an old person i am actually 80 yrs old.I have just had my medical check up at the g.p’s.He did all the usual stuff blood pressure weight and then it came to check my height.I mean i havent had a check up for quite a few years now.I know that when i was a teenager my height was 4’11.Yes i know i wasnt very tall to start off with but come on ha ha.I stood on the height machine and i was surprised has to how much height i had actually lost.The g.p told me i am now 4’8.I was abit worried has to losing so much only to be told that was right has since i was in my 60’s i was suffering with osteoporosis.Being short anyway i didnt notice that i was shrinking obviously my grandchildren were noticing it more than me.I mean i have always had to look up to talk to most of my family anyway.The g.p explainned ways to stop the ostsoporosis shrinking me so much.I will keep an eye on the height has if i aint too careful i will disappear.I am now in a sheltered housing accommodation which helps alot.All the residents are quite old like myself but we all still get around okay ha ha.There are quite a few of us who are around the same height but i am still the shortest.My best friend May she is 4’11 and tells me she has only lost 2 ins in height.Then again there are still some taller people who we just dont notice their height.It seems the shorter woman are always telling stories of growing up and how they have had to struggle with height discrimination especially in jobs.I mean i came from an average family anyway there were 10 kids me being the youngest.My siblings height was between 5’4 and 5’8.My dad was 5’7 and mum 5’9.I always said that me coming along last i must have ended up with the short straw in height.School was quite good has i never had any problems with my height then.I knew i wasnt gonna get any taller when i was 13.Over the las year i have noticed that my height is not has tall has before so i have to reach alot more.So i will just have to start using the bottom cupboards more ha ha.

  • I would just like to say that being a male under average height is like a living nightmare.I mean okay my parents werent to blame for my height and i could only talk about my problems to my uncle who was my height.Now my parents are pretty average 5’7 and 5’9,my sister is abit taller than my mum she is 5’ my height is significantly shorter than all of them.I am 4’9,always have i called every short name out there.The one that seems to have stuck is small paul.Now that doesnt bother me.The rest half pint, short stack, small fry.the names just carry on.I have had to look up to nearly everyone in my day to day life.Okay i do have a niece who is the same height but she is 8 yrs old.I tend to spent alot of time with my uncle eric has he has been through this also all his life.I mean can you imagine being the height of a 8 yr old.At family gatherings thats it i may just has well sit down has i am always pushed or trodden on. I thought life would get better when we get older but i seem stuck with the same problems day in day out.Iwould have loved to have been at least 5’0.I have a friend who is female and she tends to treat me different to all the rest.Yeah she is taller than me but what do you expect ha ha.She just happens to be 5’8 so a goos few ins taller than myself.My uncle eric also was lucky and married a woman who was 5’8 so looks like we both struck lucky. Thanks

  • I come from a rather short family anyway,i am 45 yrs old and 5’2.My brother is 43 yrs old and 5’4 my 2 sisters are 41 yrs old and 5’0.The youngest is 38 yrs old and 5’6.My mum is 5’0 and dad 5’7.None of us could work it out why the youngest is so much taller than myself 4 ins infact.My grandparents are both 5’5 and 5’0.I mean i didnt envisage being a giant but comeon the oldest brother being shorter than the youngest sister.I didnt mind my brother being taller than myself i just found it awkward after my sister overtook me in height.The tallest i know in the family are 3 uncles 5’7 5’10 and 6’2.Most of the woman are around 5’0 so it is quite nice being similar in height.

  • Hey Adam,

    I admire you for sticking up for yourself and bringing attention to what is definitely unfair.  But I think your time and effort and obvious talent might be better spent in more productive manner.  OK, so there is a definite bias against you that is just plain wrong.  But I’ve always thought that life is many things it’s not supposed to be, and you might be better off proceeding under the assumption that life is not supposed to be fair.  Yeah, the world could be a nicer place, but it’s slowly getting nicer, very slowly I think.  And there are some advantages to being discriminated against honestly.  It builds character, and it gives you obstacles to overcome, and although you might have a harder time finding a mate, you will probably find someone who loves you as is for who you are.  I’ve always really admired people who were unfairly discriminated against who overcame the odds and succeeded, especially if they did so without becoming bitter.  Life is to short in my opinion to worry about stuff you can’t control, and sadly folks have a right to opinions and to treat people unfairly.  Not all short folks lose out though, like George W. Bush beat two taller guys to become our president.  But – here is the irony of fate – in that particular case we might have been better off just voting for the taller guy!

  • HELLO everyone! I am a Female and I am 15, I am 6 foot 2 and not done growning. I think that everyone needs to embrace their heights not matter tall or short…it’s not going to change. MUCH love!

  • hm, im 17, 5’2 and doc told me i stopped growing. so ive come to accept it.

    ppl are nice in my high school 😛 they do not remind me too too much about my height. that’s cuz of my reputation though.

    going out into college. . . im afraid .

    my reputation wont carry out there

  • Im scared 2 know from a doctor that he will tell me i will stop growing cause im only 4’6….Im relli scared….I will break down….And that I have been told my entire life how short I am…HEY LIKE I FRICKINNN DONT KNOW….i have eyes you kno….and some ppl r nice but they make rude comments that are but they dont think so…Like somebody randomly asked me what size my shirt was…I said I dont wanna answer nd leave me alone and that person just kept asking nd persisting and bringing more attention…that sucks….nd ppl go like oh its just the supershort person whos here….or ask HOW TALL ARE U? nd i go like i prefer not to answer nd they just keep staring…I hate that STARE….that stare is a part of my everyday life that i hate so so so so much.i hopeee i continue growing just for the sake of myself….i kno im being selfish but….i just wanna be considered the same as rest of the human popolation(lol i kno that sounds funny but thats exactly how i feel) its like people dont consider me normal because of my height….its sickening….:…(( but hopefully i will gain more confidence n self-esteem

    PS: u guys rock n i thank each of u for ur comments…..they made me relly strong

  • I think the worse things with being shorter than the majority of people is (1)  Having younger siblings and they are all taller than you.  (2) When trying to speak to people they tend to exaggerate the heightness that i lack. (3) I dont like any of the nicknames i get called as they all refer to me being short. (4) Not being able to reach things i need and having to ask others to help me.
    Take this i have 2 younger sisters i am 22 now and my height is 4’11 not quite 5’0 which would have suited me.Then comes Samantha and she is 21 and her height is 5’6 lastly is Dana and she is 19 and her height is 5’5.My sisters take after my dad as he is 5’9 i on the other hand take after my mum has she is 4’10.Dont get me wrong my 2 sisters are great with me being short as when we were younger i was the best at hide and seek.I used to hate it when at family parties i was always told that Sam would soon be as tall as me.I never guessed it would happen has i always thought that boys are taller than girls.This was the case till my 14th birthday i was measured by mum and she marked me up at 4’11 to this day it has never risen.Sam was measured and also Dana.For some reason they just carried on growing and just outgrew me.I had to endue all my friends laughing when we were at school saying how Sam was much taller than me.I just thank god that they didnt grow too much taller than me.I can handle them being like 6 or 7 inches taller than me.They used to help me no end of times if i couldnt reach something Dana would say that she would give me some of her height if she could.I just used to laugh i remember leaving school and has i thought so i was the shortest guy in our year has on the end of school disco we had pics taken and they were put up and sure enough there i was.I was lucky enough to take Nicole and we had a good time for some reason all the short girls didnt want to know so i asked Nicole who was 5’4 and she still wore high shoes which didnt bother me.I did laugh though as most of these short girls i did ask didnt have dates and went alone so it made my day that did.So i suppose some things happen in life and me being short is just one of those.

  • Hi, I’m Ellery. I’m throwing something out there. I’m 5’2, and 22 years old. I’m in law school, I’ve had both office and trade jobs, I’ve lived in rural communities and large cities.


    You people need to calm down. You really are imagining things! I mean, not all the time – the comments chefs make about standardized equipment is harsh, but the same would be true for someone who’s really tall…or really fat… or handicapped at all. Standardized equipment is standard size. Average. Right there in the name.

    You guys aren’t being discriminated against. The world just isn’t fair. Learn to deal.

  • Ellery, are you a woman?
    Women of “normal” but slightly short stature as yourself are not discriminated against.
    A man your height or even slightly taller would face discrimination and and an irrational hatred
    directed toward him because of his height.

    I notice alot of the posters here are women.
    A man who is 5 foot 5 will receive more negative
    attention for his height than any woman is taller than a dwarf.

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