Slide (photo service) – slide away quickly 😐

I tried out the Slide photo sharing service this afternoon. I understand it’s a beta, but as we’ve seen from many other services… beta doesn’t have to be unusable.

Here’s why I didn’t like Slide:

– It requires a download. Hey, my Grandpa isn’t going to download and install something. In contrast, with Flickr, I can just point him to a Web page, and voila, he sees my photos.

– It didn’t find any of my photos. Okay, they’re in c:pics, but I’ve redefined that folder as the place where my pictures are and other apps have had no problems finding it.

– It’s slow. Even on my Pentium 4 3.0ghz machine with 2 gigs of RAM.

– It’s unintuitive. Some operations you do from the panel, some from the app settings page, some from the Web page. Blech.

– It doesn’t even seem to work very well. I tried adding both an RSS and an Atom feed from Flickr and didn’t get any photos shown at all.

– The UI is just lousy. Mouseovers, selections, it’s all mished together making it too easy to select something when you’re just moving the mouse and too difficult to close a Slide window.

* * *

I look forward to the day when someone (Flickr / Flickr-devs? 🙂 makes an Ajaxian app that allows one to easily add photos to groups, share them with different sets of friends, complete with a neat scroll-y thing across the top of their screen.






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  1. Michael Powers Avatar

    Good to get your feedback so we can work out the kinks! We are smoothing out UI wrinkles and pushing out new features every week (Have you seen how much your grandpa can do on the site lately?) – Any slowdown on your P4 is an anomaly (thats an uber-game machine!), it should blaze, so I would love to know what is moving slow for you and ferret it out. All comments welcome to feedback at slide dot com

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