When smart companies do dumb things

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Heard the big announcement about Yahoo’s new music service?

Check it out at (the logical) http://yahoo.com/music/

Interested in being a publisher with Google’s AdSense (partner to the AdWords program which accounts for >90% of the company’s revenue)? Try http://adsense.google.com/ (which would match adwords.google.com and labs.google.com, etc.)

What, those URLs don’t work? They don’t even *forward* to the appropriate page?

My point exactly.

Is it just me, or is that incredibly, massively dumb?

P.S. — The correct URLs are http://music.yahoo.com/ and http://google.com/adsense

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  • nix Oct 15, 2005 Link Reply

    adsense.google.com DOES redirect you now, but yahoo.com/music still doesn’t…
    “Smart” companies do smart things – sometimes.

  • Yes I agree with you, subdomain adresses arn’t locigal from the user perspective. I guess Yahoo devs like to have things to be placed on separate servers.

  • John Mar 4, 2008 Link Reply

    Exactly, you are right,
    But for yahoo we can not say any thing as it not following any SEO guidelines of Google.

  • Chaitanya Mar 5, 2008 Link Reply

    Hey John,
    You are wrong, If yahoo does not follow Google webmaster Guidelines, it will not get place in Google SERP’s.

  • SEO Florida Aug 12, 2008 Link Reply

    Yahoo is not following Google rules for it’s search engine, That’s why there difference in search algo. of both these major search engines.

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