Yes, you CAN get vaccinated against the flu this year (here’s how)

Last week I got vaccinated against the flu… at a cost of $30, 30 minutes of my time, and zero guilt.

How? I got the relatively new FluMist stuff sprayed into my nose at a local pharmacy.

I highly recommend that all eligible folks get vaccinated against the flu this year, whether by the traditional shot or via FluMist.

Here are a few details about FluMist that may be helpful:


  • There are no shortages of FluMist. You’re not taking away a dose from a frail senior citizen.
  • It doesn’t hurt. It feels like pretty much any nose spray.
  • Your insurance may pay for it. If not, $30 is a small price to pay for a good chance of avoiding the flu for another year.
  • Side effects are unlikely. I personally didn’t experience any discomfort after the spray, immediately or otherwise.
  • It’s supposedly as effective as the shot.


  • Since it actually contains a weakened strain of the virus (instead the killed virii that the shot contains), there’s the potential to feel kind of icky as your body fights against the intruder
  • It may be hard to find. I had to call about ten pharmacies before I found a place that carries this (Albertsons, here in San Francisco). Your best bet, apparently, is to call large chain pharmacies, and hopefully you’ll have better luck than I did.
  • There are other caveats and limitations. Read the stuff at the flumist site for more details.

Anyway, once again, I urge everyone to get vaccinated. I personally recall how awful it was having the flu when I was younger, and I’m greatful that I’m unlikely to suffer through that misery again. And for the $30 and 30 minutes it’ll cost you, I can’t fathom many substantive arguments against getting vaccinated!






2 responses to “Yes, you CAN get vaccinated against the flu this year (here’s how)”

  1. Eriacta Avatar

    aah! $30 flue shot. we get it for free in Canada 🙂

  2. Fred Avatar

    With some health plans in the US it’s also free.

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