Front seat passengers

For some strange reason, I was just mulling over the fact that many of the taxi drivers outside the U.S. expect you to sit up front with them and indeed are a bit puzzled and/or miffed if you don’t. Why do you think this is?

Friends don’t let Friends AOL

AOL continues to send its users onto the increasingly speedy information superhighway in brightly colored, beeping golf carts.– one of my favorite quotes from “Here Comes Version 8.0” in this Fortune magazine article online Heh heh… not much more I need to add to that 🙂

Titilating Puritanism and Asses of Evil

While I guess this isn’t breaking news at this point, I just heard that the winner of the Miss N. Carolina pageant resigned after “her former boyfriend had contacted the Miss America organization, saying he had nude photos of her” unbenownst to her when she was changing clothes. Lordy, and to think that this woman… Continue reading Titilating Puritanism and Asses of Evil

Hard technical support

In a usergroup dedicated to troubleshooting of a particular software app, one frustrated user posted a note titled, “Can’t get it up on a Mac!” The immediate reply, I felt, was on target and priceless: “Red wine and a Barry White album might do the trick.”

What the heck…?!?

For those of you who are wandering in here this weekend due to seeing this site ‘updated’ on… please note that I’m in the process of adding old entries from my Salon/Radio blog. Sorry for any confusion. And yes, I’ll be fixing up the look-and-feel of this blog and adding links and such soon.… Continue reading What the heck…?!?

Immidiate Embarrassment

IMMIDIATE JOB POSTING […] Miraloma Educational Enrichment Program […]– from a recent post on a San Francisco community board

Really worth 3x the price?

This article just confirmed my worst fears: the likelihood of me ever affording a home in the Bay Area is about equal to (or rather, dependent upon) me winning the lottery. For $198,000, you can get a new three-bedroom, 2,200-square-foot house from Standard Pacific Homes, complete with two-car garage, marble sinks and extensive landscaping. But you’ll have to move… Continue reading Really worth 3x the price?