More thoughts on 9/11

I’m faced with a balancing act here. I have strong feelings about 9/11… about our government’s reactions… and about individual responses. However, I also want to be sensitive to others who may feel that excessive questioning or cynicism about patriotism and similar issues are inappropriate at this time. Let me just say, though, that I… Continue reading More thoughts on 9/11

Flabby Meal

Perhaps this qualifies as a “duh!” discovery, but I think I’ve just gained additional insight into why Americans are so dang fat. Our society typically treats our kids like blubbering (literally) unsophisticates at mealtimes. Check out the “kids meals” at almost any eatery, and you’ll see:– lots and lots of fried stuff– red (and often… Continue reading Flabby Meal

Everlasting Friendship

Tonight while waiting in line for a weights class (“Rep Reebok”) at my gym I met a really sweet French girl and we got to talking about Parisians (she’s not one), Americans, and — most interestingly — friendships. She suggested to me, as have many other Europeans, that Americans are more outgoing and friendly and… Continue reading Everlasting Friendship

Titilating Puritanism and Asses of Evil

While I guess this isn’t breaking news at this point, I just heard that the winner of the Miss N. Carolina pageant resigned after “her former boyfriend had contacted the Miss America organization, saying he had nude photos of her” unbenownst to her when she was changing clothes. Lordy, and to think that this woman… Continue reading Titilating Puritanism and Asses of Evil

Hollywood director wants butts extinguished

My hands are bloody; so are Hollywood’s. My cancer has caused me to attempt to cleanse mine. I don’t wish my fate upon anyone in Hollywood, but I beg that Hollywood stop imposing it upon millions of others. – famous Hollywood director Joe Eszterhas, in a New York Times editorial (free registration required to read… Continue reading Hollywood director wants butts extinguished