Parking, Europe-style

Parking space?  NOT!Gotta hand it to those direct Irish folk. There’s certainly no ambiguity about THIS space.

And speaking of parking: Every time I return to Europe, I’m still both amused by and fascinated with the European style of parking. Given the narrow streets throughout much of Europe, people park with one side of their car up on the sidewalks… and though usually the curbs aren’t too stepp, I’ve nonetheless gotten used to a *JOLT* right before parking.

In France — or at least in Paris when I visit one of my friends — there’s also the “touchy feely” form of parallel parking. This involves repeatedly hitting the bumper of the car in front of you and in back of you until you get your car in perfectly with just a millimeter or two of space on either side.

Luckily, given the very long lunches and other breaks the French seem to take, there’s likely no sense of urgency for folks to maneuver out of their parking spots, so I’m assuming that trapped Frenchies — spotting their closed-in cars — barely blink, and simply have another drink or cigarette or both. C’est la vie!



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