Strange pants!

I don’t know quite what to say about this! Your idea for captions?




4 responses to “Strange pants!”

  1. Bee Avatar

    “I’ve got many strings attached, but please do dance with me”


  2. Raphael Avatar

    Definitely cool pants. Did you take this picture? If so, where was this and what dance are they dancing?

  3. Adam Avatar

    Indeed, I took that pic, and I should have noted earlier that all the pics on this blog are ones I have personally taken 🙂

    This pic was taken at Lindy in the Park, where most—but not all—dances are Lindy Hop.

  4. Adam Avatar

    I’m such a dillwad… I forgot—on my own blog—that no HTML is allowed in comments.  Er, so Lindy in the Park is at 🙂

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