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  • Bee May 6, 2004 Link Reply

    “I’ve got many strings attached, but please do dance with me”


  • Raphael May 6, 2004 Link Reply

    Definitely cool pants. Did you take this picture? If so, where was this and what dance are they dancing?

  • Adam May 6, 2004 Link Reply

    Indeed, I took that pic, and I should have noted earlier that all the pics on this blog are ones I have personally taken 🙂

    This pic was taken at Lindy in the Park, where most—but not all—dances are Lindy Hop.

  • Adam May 6, 2004 Link Reply

    I’m such a dillwad… I forgot—on my own blog—that no HTML is allowed in comments.  Er, so Lindy in the Park is at http://www.lindyinthepark.com/ 🙂

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