Health Hypocrisy

Two odd tidbits crossed my mind this evening. 1) Aaahnold, the Governator has proposed converting the state Capitol’s interior courtyard into a “smoking plaza.” Isn’t this the same guy that’s been the head of various Fitness councils? 2) Once again, the gym I belong to (24 Hour Fitness) is shilling Tanning packages (“Fry 3 times,… Continue reading Health Hypocrisy

Compared to this, I really DO have a life!

It’s admittedly tempting and often all-too-easy to make fun of people’s extra-curricular pursuits. The movie Best in Show — playfully tweaking over-the-top dog shows — comes to mind, for instance. I think I’ve found a new “winner,” however. The International Federation of Competitive Eating. Of course, it’s quite possible that the joke’s on me, and… Continue reading Compared to this, I really DO have a life!’s got… food?!

Just when you thought couldn’t branch out any further… now they’re featuring Restaurant Menus for Boston, Chicago, New York, San Francisco, Seattle, and Washington D.C. Nothing technically brilliant here… just relatively clean scans of the restaurants’ menus. Also, the search for restaurants in/near an area code feature doesn’t seem to be working. But still,… Continue reading’s got… food?!

I can breathe clearly now, the smoke is gone

In a shock to smokers and anti-smoking advocates alike, Ireland’s government has announced a ban on smoking in pubs, effective January 2004. This is, from what I understand, a first throughout all of Europe. Indeed, I selfishly wish other European countries that I frequent (such as Germany and Sweden) would join Ireland in banning smoking… Continue reading I can breathe clearly now, the smoke is gone

‘Cooking’ with Cans: Crispy-Spicy Tuna Salad

Too lazy to cook, too cheap to go out or order in, and out of frozen dinners… I came up with an ingenious, tasty, healthy, and inexpensive dinner tonight. Ingredients:– One packet of albacore tuna– One hardboiled egg (I recommend making these in batches ahead of time!)– Two tablespoons of any low-fat ranch-type dressing– Coursely… Continue reading ‘Cooking’ with Cans: Crispy-Spicy Tuna Salad

Drinking and causality

Here’s info on yet another report that suggests drinking is good for one’s health. Though far be it from me to protest the conclusions, I do have to admit to lingering doubts surrounding issues of correlation and causality. It seems to me, frankly, that people who have the interest, time, and money to engage in… Continue reading Drinking and causality

Ja! I’m going to Deutschland!

I finally got my ticket ($249 roundtrip San FranciscoFrankfurt with a very special special!), and I’ll once again be spending Christmastime with wonderful friends in Germany. Of course, I can be a little cranky, and moan about the icky cold I’ll be facing, the insane hassles of peak-time holiday air travel (in coach, no less),… Continue reading Ja! I’m going to Deutschland!