I just finished hand-importing all my old entries from my Salon / Radio blog, may it rest in peace. For those who care why I switched, read on… I still do highly recommend the Salon / Radio route for anyone who’d like to get a blog up and running pretty easily with minimal fuss and… Continue reading Whew!

An ugly prodigy

The MovableType software which powers this blog is geeky in the most stereotypically geek sense. Brilliant. Different. And fugly. While the control panel is reasonably elegant… Lord, couldn’t the brilliant authors of this software have come up with (or bribed others to come up with) some decent looking style templates? 🙂 And I don’t wanna… Continue reading An ugly prodigy

More great ways to access your e-mail

In an older post, I raved about the online mail service called  OddPost. I’d like to recommend another really cool service, called Mail2Web, which lets you pick up your POP mail without cost and without even registering.  It’s got nowhere near the nifty interface of OddPost, but it’s free and it’s useful for when you must check more than one… Continue reading More great ways to access your e-mail

New evidence that the RIAA *IS* Evil

Okay, so those reading my headline here may snicker and exclaim, gee, that’s a really rough target. Next thing you’ll be asserting, Adam, is that San Francisco housing is expensive (whoa!) and McDonald’s stuff is unhealthy (but it’s 100% beef!) and Britney Spears lacks sophisticated vocal talent (she sings?). But wait, hear me out… there’s… Continue reading New evidence that the RIAA *IS* Evil

“Would you like to SuperSize that, sir?”

Credit: https://www.hwsw.hu/hirek/16641/a-western-digital-piacra-dobta-a-200-gb-os--quot-drivezilla-quot--winchestert.html

“Drivezilla” breathes fire at 200GB. Drive maker Western Digitalbegins shipping a new drive with up to 200GB of capacity–a whopping 80GB morethan found in most high-end consumer PCs. [CNETNews.com] 200 GIGABYTES!  200,000 megabytes.  As Keanu would say: WHOOOA. And how the HECK do you back something like that up?  Buy a 210 gig drive?Whew!  Either… Continue reading “Would you like to SuperSize that, sir?”

New Handspring Treo 180 and T-Mobile / Voicestream service

EDIT on 3/12/2003: Just discovered that the Treo 180 has been discontinued, so the links below do not work. Though I had sadly a bunch of valuable stuff stolen in Estonia, two of the replaceable  things that I have been, well, eager to replace are my cell phone and PDA (Palm Pilot). My new cell phone and… Continue reading New Handspring Treo 180 and T-Mobile / Voicestream service

The competitive Geek Spirit

Wow, this is scary. It’s 2:22am, I should be sleeping, and instead I’m noting that I’m pretty high up on the Salon/Radio blog ranking thingy… just from innocently (really!) tinkering with this new blogging software and refreshing my page when I make changes. So, though I almost hesitate to even ask this out in the… Continue reading The competitive Geek Spirit